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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lacking Manners...

Is it Me?

Or are most people completely void of manners or etiquette? Mr. Man and I usually let stuff slide and get on with our life which is why we are able to do what we do and stay on top of prepping and life and maintaining this ability to laugh. This January 1st was our 5th year annivesary - I told him that we should just have a New Years Day BBQ and invite about 20-30 of our friends to break bread with us since people are having a hard time and at least we can afford to put up food and have enough to spare.

We didn't really tell anyone it was our anniversary we were just having fun and enjoying hosting. This little get together was also for the purpose of me "squashing beef" from some real impolite bitches who are married to Mr. Mans friends. But they didn't show - HA. Like I said - impolite.

The Menu
1 baked ham with honey mustard glaze
2 racks st louis style ribs
1 heap chicken wings (grill)
93% lean ground beef burgers
1 heap beef hotdogs
ground chicken burgers
teriyaki grilled chicken breast
spanish rice
2 types twice baked potato
garden salad
3 types of eggrolls
black beans
grilled veggies
choco chip cookies
7 up cake.

I was really surprised that no one called to ask if we wanted to bring anything. Not that we needed anything but we never show up at anyones house empty handed. Mr. Man's one friend called and of course we only said ice. Our prepper friends brought 12 dozen - yes DOZEN free range organic eggs for us to use or give away as their chickens are producing so generously.

Our old friends had new girlfriends and I invited a few folks from school. Out of ALL 25 people - only 2 people offered to help - my youngest study buddy and my prepper lady girlfriend. One guy I go to school with sister saw the ham sitting on the counter and said "Can I start eating now or what..." I was like WOW - classy.

Mr. Man and I still made it fun and enjoyed the people we do like - and truthfully I threw the barbecue to also get my prepper girlfriend out the house coz she's been at it for over 6 months with prepping, moving, organizing and life in general and she never gets a break.

One guy I went to school with (the dude with the classy sister) - brought his Mom, sister and niece. No problem. I know they are going through a hard time right now - and thought it would be nice to invite them so they could have a great meal. I even helped them with 40+ moving boxes and clear tape to help them after their home got foreclosed on so they wouldn't have to spend any money on that.

Jump to Yesterday...

Yesterday - the guy I helped with the boxes (yeah, with the classy sister) told me that they had a barbecue and they didn't invite us coz they figured we would be busy. Hahahaha. But he invited my youngest (and very pretty) study buddy. double Hahhaha. I had to calmly explain to him that he would have been better off saying NOTHING...and it was impolite to say such a thing. I also added that it wouldn't have taken but 1 minute to call us even if he knew we were busy with the realtors and the house. He actually sat there and made excuse after excuse as to why he didn't call and who was there and why he didn't call and and endless plethora of SHIT out of his mouth which really just made me laugh. I told him that's all bullshit - the bottom line is unfortunately you were not raised properly and your manners are bad. I said we're cool, now I know where we stand.

I told Mr. Man - and he said WOW - so that's how people reciprocate now? I said yeah I guess so. He said a nation of leeches and sheep then - I will go forward in this life treating strangers with extreme prejudice. I laughed at that and said thankful we get to see people for what they are early in the game.


It is very amazing to me how impolite most people are in general - and it seems they are all in this country. Why is it when my godmother comes from Sweden I get chocolate and swiss flints. Why is it when my Texan Prepper Bestie comes to stay for 2 SHORT days she bears nothing but a positive upbeat loving demeanor as well as wine and precious metal! When my other Texan Girlfriend comes with her french husband they come with cognac and french marzipan? It used to be a normal and polite thing to never show up empty handed - even as a small child when I went to slumber parties - my Mom sent me with a tray of eggrolls or a box of snacks for the lot of us little crazy girls.

It's getting harder for me to differentiate rude, insensitive, impolite and just plain crazy.

There was a girl 2 semesters ago in my Psych class who insisted she was 36 but had a 25 year old daughter - YES a 25 yr old daughter and...UM this so called cougar was sleeping with a man 1 year younger than her daughter. Lord Have Mercy. Well she told me that she just kept getting AA degrees so she could continue milking her grant, food stamps, section 8 housing, free cell phone and other assorted forms of assistance. She so proudly told me that in the 6 years she has lived in Arizona she has never worked. Sunnamagun.


There is another girl in my bio class this semester she told everyone so proudly that she is on state assistance, a grant, food stamps and some other stuff I hadn't even heard of - and she gets a high amount of money. She sits in class like a confused little blob full of high fructose syrup and vacant intelligence. I always sit outside the class early and eat a sandwhich usually PBJ or bacon turkey on bread that I make myself - and she said,"Wow, you really like Peanut Butter and Jelly Huh?" I explained that I do, and I like it even more because I make my own bread and jam. She said,"oh you are so lucky you can do all that..." I replied, "oh" Her little 19 year old ass said,"Yeah, you know how it is with kids and all that and I'm pregnant again and I don't know what I'm going to do." I just lifted an eyebrow and walked in the classroom. So today she f*****g sat at my lab table and proceeded to complain about the reading material and all this stuff. I said it's not that hard - he has it all categorized so your memorization is minimal. She said well I don't have a book. I said the school released the book money 2 wks ago - she said, "Oh the 600 bucks, I had to use that on clothes and rent."

Unbelievable. Really. I feel like going out and getting 2 jobs coz all these asswads are relying on my tax dollars. Oh nevermind - even though I don't have a job I still have to pay tax and tags on my car and I still have property taxes.

Mr. Man and I are having an extraordinarily difficult time being accommodating towards others. We have a very hard time dealing with people who dig themselves in wholes and make excuse after excuse after excuse about why their performance or behavior is poor. We have a hard time dealing with people who have no preparations or cannot even put up basic food and supplies for their existing family because "times are hard." Maybe we expect to much of the human race because we trim our budget up so much that we have a lot of preps and I put a lot of effort into what we do. We have a hard time being sympathetic to people who have money for drink, football games and home decor but don't have more than a weeks food.

Extreme Prejudice is a phrase that keeps replaying itself in my head.

And since when is telling the truth being "mean?"

This is some bullshit.