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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

26 Mar 2008: Hello Kitty Strikes Again

Okay Kitty Krazy...that’s what the world is...

Here is a pic of Wendy Lee’s Birthday Cake.

I guess I’ll just keep makin’ cake

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

19 Mar 2008: Busy Bein' Bonkers...

I know I’ve been busy for a long minute...

Cakes Take My Time

Then you got Birthday Goodies




Photo Missing of the Hello Kitty Cake that Grime conceptualized and I materialized...There are other random goodies coming forth soon.


Moving Takes My Time...

I have moved and my sister has moved so we’ve done a LOT of moving in the last month. Those of you that know my new address are welcome to drop by. Fam doesn’t call they just come by and I always got stuff for Bomblettes - ask Tina. Hahahahha. We ditched the sofa and just went with chairs. So you surfin the floor rug.


Airports Take My Time

We just went to NYC a month ago...a nice 4 day weekend in Manhattan.

Sometimes the Sky looks like Cotton Candy...

Airports Seem More Fun When You Are Happy

Vadeem is the craziest Russian Dude we ever partied with

The NY Trip was about meeting his favourite cousins...and relaxing...

Cousin Lloyd and I got along like 2 peas in a pod

Cousin Virgil was a little more reserved but by Day 2 he was giving me a hard time too...hahahha.

We were drinkin’ in a bar with Vadeem and Lloyd and I pointed out the snow and he said c’mon Bebe - our first snow together. ahahahha

Here’s Mama Rita’s favourite pic!

Amanda will always be one of my bad beeyotches...

It’s great to go away but it’s great to come home!


This is a month of Mama’s...

Julians Mama will be here on the 1st of April...My Mama will be here in a few days. My godparents will be here on Sunday...My official birthday dinner will be Monday...Wooohooo.


I’m going to voice an observation right now. Because I’ve been seeing people popped for their theft. If you eat stolen food you will get sick. If you steal money it will make you go broke. If you "steal" people they will happily kill you slowly. Either way you get what you deserve. But come near me no more.

Besides stealing is for the weak. If you are gonna try to get over on me come to my face with a gun and say,"Give me your shit" Don’t give me that weak ass pick my pocket in a business way shit coz I’m gonna crack your skull.


I’m off to the bay for a week next month. And then We’ll see about Hawaii and Manila!