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Monday, January 5, 2009

05 Jan 2009: Grubbin’ is Lubbin’

Somehow, we made it through the holidays...Our presents were pretty obvious from the start and now we have even more than what we had. Fashion and Fun seemed to have intermarried with Food and Art.

In between all the doubletime and triple time and comp days and half days - we still managed to make meals...and even pack our lunches...

Dinner becomes the next days lunch with chicken enchiladas...

I've started sending lunches off in these disposable foils with covers...coz my tupperware is making it to other peoples cabinets and not finding their way home. This remedies me askin' for it or for anyone feeling bad.

For Christmas we had a simple paella, a ham and side veggies.

Here's a closeup

Ham,"it ain't no joke"

Then there's the nightly food.

Sirloin isn't a life altering decision - it's just there all the time

I make our salad toppings...don't hate

Our mashed potatoes don't come from a box, and gravy is made fresh

With a little salad

All I gotta say is 2 years in the game...and he's still tickled with his plate.

Plus you know - we're still getting the hookup on pot roast...about 35lbs for like 40 bucks. Bwaa ahahahha.

You think you know but you don't. I got the super delux hookups.

Don't say you love people if you feed them garbage. Just Don't.

I see people doin' this all the time sayin' how they care about such and such or love such and such to death, and then when the topic of cooking comes up they turn up their shit infested noses as if they were entitled to do nothing.




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