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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

28 Aug 2007: Guess Who's Back...

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Guess Who's Back...we are. We don't really wanna be - but real life calls.

LAX is a hectic ass airport and we ended up bickering with a TSA officer over some duty free cognac we brought back. He could have been cool - but he wanted to be a dick. Whatever. That's his job - not ours.

It felt good to finally get off the plane after a 12 hour flight and weird that we had to take a runway shuttle to the main gate. This has never happened to me in LA.

As C-Bug would say - Open your eyes Ju...hahahha

Hey...Sex Tourists dudes - just like my cousins can't stand your asses neither can I. Nasty Ass Rude sex tourists who can't get any in their own country make me sick. Julian and I watched a girl RUN from the dude she got assigned to sit next to on the flight from Manila to Taipei - Hella gross. You know Julian clowned his ass and I called his archaic ass a wuss for carryin' travelers checks - they got international ATM's now - retard. hahahaha

Another retarded dude on the airplance was like OMG finally American Soil...I said actually this an Asian Airline on Asian Soil - you retard. Mind you this hokey lookin' tourist dude had the NERVE to dislike his Asian vacation and he had to Amerasian sons. And his simpering wife was dumber than wet shit for allowing her husband to breed self hate.

I pointed at them in FRONT OF THEIR FACE and said See Bebe - THAT is the difference between TOURISTS and TRAVELLERS. Hella gross. I made a hella audible barfing sound. Julian looked at his face and said,"you think you'd be happy to be in Asia with an Asian wife you dumb mothuhfucka you. Bwaa hahahaha." We take no prisoners in this piece.

So we got on the bus that wasn't crowded and made our way home.

Everyone looked happy to finally be off the plane. I'm glad we didn't look worse for the wear. The little girl in the pink sittin' with her lola was so well behaved and her LITTLE sister acted better than most of the adults on the plane.

We got home and I made fried rice and gangsta noodles and told my brother and godbrother all the stories. I'm so sad we had to leave Manila but I'm lookin' forward to many more adventures...

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