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Sunday, July 29, 2007

29 Jul 2007: F*** Your Happy Ass Saucy

so...I saunter into work today cutting through the coffee shop and into the main lobby...and I say,"Hi Jesse..." and he looks at me and gives me this Fecetious,"Hi Elaine..." Bwaa hahaha. I walk through the swinging door thingie and give him a hug and say with a quote,"F*** my Happy Ass right?" He laughs and says,"Yeah...F*** your HAPPY HAPPY ass..." Bwaa hahahha. I told him I can't help it if I'm happy. He gave me a hug and laughed hella hard. He's like be happy kid - you deserve it.

That's just me - that's just my reality. Even when I'm exhausted I'm happy. This is a whole new thing yanno. It's not put on, it's not any effort or attempt, it's just a state. Contentment was always part of my deal but happiness is something different. It's kinna dope really - to just do what you do and end up being surrounded by people who are not only supportive but cheering your success. This is what it's like to be ENGULFED by love.


As for you l'il fakes...dress it up, change it up, fake it up --- but at the end of the day shit wrapped in a different coloured paper is still shit.


I just love them.

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