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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

25 Jul 2007: Chicago Photo Blog Part III

… Lunchin' Shoppin' Munchin' Tommy Gunnin'...

I mistakenly closed the curtains too tight and we overslept. I woke up earlier in the morning but fell back asleep. Julian woke up after that and said he couldn't wake me up coz I was sleeping so soundly. We were going to meet Mom and C Bug around noon. He asked me if I wanted to go to the Museum or the Aquarium today. I said they will always be there and it would eat up our time to get in line with the Saturday crowds. He asked what should we do? I said, "Let's take Mom and C Bug to Lunch and get those Air Force ones that are coming out today…" He asked, "Really?" I smiled, "Yes…let's just enjoy the company of your family and the rhythm of the city…" We called Mom and she said she would meet us out there. We wanted to walk while they were walking and then meet in the middle.

Mr. Man just ready to go

We got to NikeTown a bit ahead of them and Julian went a bit crazy on day 2 buyin' stuff up. But why not – it is Vacation. Mom and C Bug arrived as we walked out the store. We hopped over to the Corner Café that Mom had mentioned 2 days prior. We had a wonderful lunch on the outdoor patio and just spent time together. I must say I really enjoy watching his family dynamic because it's like mine but less bonkers.

We strode back towards Michigan Ave because C Bug wanted to look for a pair of jeans in her size at the Express. She wears a small size like April and I know the hunt is on for jeans. I was glad she wanted to go coz Julian wanted a pair of dark blue khaki's as well. We got there and no luck on the khaki's. But she did find TWO pairs of jeans she liked. I said, "Oh did you find something?" She said, "These 2, but I think I'll just get one." She was inspecting them. I laughed and said, "Don't be silly C Bug, your brother will get you both…" She was like, "Nooooo, he doesn't have to do that." I'm like, "Hahahaha – let him treat you kiddo…" We were laughing while the girl rang us up…She's so cute and said, "Thank you guys…" We just smiled.

Then C Bug said the magic words…H & M

We were off to H & M. The Mag Mile had that fabulous crowded foot traffic. Weekend foot traffic is the best distraction in the world…As soon as C Bug told me it was down the street I was like YAY Hennes and Mauritz! Mom had us lined up and walkin' single file. I love having someone else bein' in charge for a change. I actually walked in there and picked up a super cute grey jersey dress with a Peter Pan collar and a wide belt. So cute it's sickening. I also picked up some barrettes and a shirt.

I remember the first time I went to H & M…it was a few years ago in Malmo Sweden and then again in Stockholm Sweden. Honestly it's like their version of Mervyn's. I wouldn't buy an entire outfit there but it's self branded, cute, sometimes a bit unusual and very inexpensive.

After that we strolled back to the Hotel to rest for a minute and change our outfits.

Quicker than quick it was time to get on the shuttle to the show. But we had a quick minute for some photos.

This is a "classic" pose for C Bug and Julian

…You Ain't Gangsta…

We were all going to a Tommy Guns Show…None of us had any idea what a Tommy Guns show was. Mom guessed something with Prohibition. Carla googled it and confirmed Mom's guess. J

This guy "Gloves" sure had his eye on Mom…It was funny how he told Julian you sure are a natural at holdin' that Tommy Gun. Bwaa hahaha

We went into the Brick building and got seated. Fortunately we found seats very close to the stage as well as the little car that everyone was posing near.

Sam and Amanda are so Kyoote…

But this is my fave of them

I'm tellin' you "Gloves" had the hots for Mom. Back off Gloves…


My dinner was yummy. I chose a 10 oz prime rib medium. So good, with veggies and a baked potato on the side. I didn't even mess with the potato; I just killed the prime rib. Mom and C Bug had salmon. Mom's was a bit dry and Cbug's was a bit underdone. Sheeeeez. But the show was on and that was all good. They did an era based show that was both energetic and funny. There were also various parts of the show where there was audience participation and that was hilarious for everyone as well. The best part was that all your servers were also the performers. Our server was named Pretty Johnny

It was pretty cold where we were seated. Funny that they would serve sorbet for dessert.

After a 3 hour dinner and a show it was time to go home…

If I remember correctly, Mom and C Bug wanted to catch the 1030 train. So we got back in time for everyone to relax for a minute and then it was time for Momma and Cbug to catch a cab. We walked them downstairs to the lobby and flagged down a cab. It was sad to say goodbye and I wish we would have had a few more days to spend all together.

But we're talking about Thanksgiving. I suggested everyone come out for Thanksgiving coz I sure would like someone to collaborate with for Turkey Day. Word has it that Momma can throw down in the Kitchen. Everyone is coming out!!! I told Julian how do you like that? He laughed and shook his head saying, "I've been trying to get them to come out for a year…and you had them sold in one day!" Hahahahahahha. There is no way that Julian could go another year and a half without seeing his family, for him it is an unnatural state. For other people that might not meet a thing. But when you love someone you can see how happy and charged up they are when they see family they love. It tugged at my heart when Momma said, "Okay...get in the cab, no tears, and no tears. Don't look back C – no crying." So much Love. A little later Julian called C Bug to ask if she'd remembered her bag from shopping and he said, "Awww she's crying."

…Chef's Get Nervous Too…

It's funny. I was so nervous about meeting Mom and C Bug. Julian and one of his Best Friends JR told me, "You have NOTHING to worry about, just be yourself." I laughed and said, "I only know how to be myself." JR would pat me on the head or shoulder and say, "don't woooorrrrry, everything will be good – trust me." All the time spent with his Mom and Sister was easy and natural. I think initially C Bug was a little reserved but she warmed up by the end of the night. Mom just had an open welcoming nature about her so that was easy from the start. I'm relieved though because when everyone has a natural chemistry and feeling of family your life will follow that ease and love.

All of the conversations were genuine and expressive. All of the time spent together was meaningful but relaxed. I love hearing the "remember-that-time" stories. I love watching families interact who have deep interest for each other's lives. It's wonderful to see another family who loves each other as mine loves each other.

When we were back in the room alone I said, "I'm so happy it went really well." He turned and said, "I told you, you didn't have anything to worry about – they like you." I laughed and said, "Well I was still nervous…" He asked, "Why…" I replied, "Because you mean something to me unlike boyfriends of the past. In the past I dated men below me and I knew they were going to be out of my life eventually so it never mattered…" He smiled. I continued, "Besides, you met all my family and you weren't even nervous!"

He laughed, "Oh I was nervous Bebe…" I laughed, "No way – you didn't even look nervous you were chillin' with everyone playin' Wii and watchin' movies…" He's like, " I was nervous at first and then it wore off." That's hilarious. I guess that's where his poker playin' skills come into play. I guess that's also where those triple screwdrivers come into play that I was making.

The Monday before we left for Chicago he met my remaining 2 remaining brothers, my other sister and the 3 kids. He did win them over though. Even little 3 year old Angelo who walked him through the house giving him a tour. Shooooot – even the dogs love Julian…bad Ass Cleo who barks and glares at everyone will sit obediently waiting for him. Bwaa haaahhaha. I wish I had a picture of everyone playin' Wii and having a good time. I completely forget to take pics of us eating the Shrimp Primavera I made…

Everything just fits.

Last City Stroll…

After Mom and C Bug left and we were relaxing and talkin' in the room Julian asked what we should do! He asked if I wanted to go out or whatever. We ended up going to the downstairs bar and having a drink while we were deciding…We met a couple people that work for his sister office and we were going to go across the street to watch the fight – but the girl was rather Drunky so she didn't get in so we left. They went one way and Julian said – let's get a pizza. I said good idea. So we walked towards Michigan Ave by way of Ontario. He asked if I wanted to go to a club. I said Naw…let's just enjoy the city at night and watch people doing their thing.

We were talking and walking and laughing. By the time we got to Geno's it was closed. I said oh well…we'll find another place to eat. A group of girls was meandering behind us. We had noticed them packed in a cab earlier. One way traffic was locked and I wasn't surprised to see them walkin' behind us. The one boisterous girl said, "Look, look at the lovebirds --- they don't see anyone else." Haaahhaha. Now SEE that's the kind of stuff that makes you smile.

Julian didn't even hear it. He's like I'm hungry Bebe…let's go. I laughed and said I've been walkin' around 10 blocks – NOW you tell me you're hungry! Hahahaha. We eventually get to Pizza Du'e…

LOOOOOK @ This Pizza Kids…

We split a Caesar salad while he had summer ale and I had an iced tea. We made passing conversation with the couple next to us and they were friendly with an opinion of their own. Fabulous adult conversation is way better than Drunky conversation. Then the pizza came and Julian only took 2 bites. I was killing mine. He asked me, "How come when it's food you make I can KILL it?" I said, "Is the pizza not good?" He looked at it and said, "It's good, it's just not something YOU made…" I laughed and said, "You are spoiled. At least eat a slice and we'll take the rest to the room." He obliged but I never thought I'd see someone eating pizza like it was a chore.

Bwaa Hahahaha.

We didn't get back until close to 2am. He was lying on the bed. I said, "Go ahead and knock out while I finish the packing." He didn't have to be told twice – hahahahaa. The shuttle was leaving at 530 am. I set the wake up call at 445am. I tell you that time went quick – at best we had a catnap. I was grumpy on the flight back and 2 crying babies and handful of annoying passengers was not helping. The flight was so uncomfortable I actually watched that Sandra Bullock movie.

Once we got to Phoenix I was relieved. Those seats sure felt more uncomfortable coming home. Then I think the knuckleheads lost 1 of Sam and Amanda's bags. We dragged ass and got a ride home…in the limo.

Hella Tired

The end.

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