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Sunday, July 15, 2007

25 Jul 2007: Chicago Photo Blog Part II

…City Stumbling…

The next morning Julian had to be in the La Salle ballroom @ 9am. He told me I didn't have to go coz I was stumbling around the room sleepily but I jumped in the shower and took my time. Then Julian calls and says come down to the ballroom I need moral support and bring the camera. Of course I'm running around like a madwoman coz his Mom is also coming at around 1030am and I've never met her before. I was even kind enough to stab MYSELF in the eye with eyeliner – YAY! But it always works out. I finally met Armell from the LA office. She's hella sweet and said – ohhh girl – I had some of the breakfast you used to send to work…ohhh so good. I also met her partner. Awesome. Everyone I've met that Julian works with has always been really excited and genuine as a person…and that's a good thing…

So after the business meeting we had time to go and change into some clothes that would be better for walkin' and talkin'…I'm telling you I was so bleary eyed it wasn't even funny. So…putting on a tee and white pants was the best I could do. Mom called from the Lobby and Julian looked at me excitedly and said," Let's goooooo…"

Basically Julian hasn't seen his Mom or Little Sister in a year and a half. I tell you…it really tugs at your heart to see someone who was born in love, raised in love and lived in love to see his Mom again. They were talking for a bit and she said, "Oh, I can't believe my son is almost 30…" Then she kind of teared up and said, "oh no crying no crying." Happiness Rules.

And we were off to take Mom to lunch. Mom had the idea of going to the Corner Café and grabbing a quick bite. However, the boys had the idea of going to the ESPN Zone. Hahahaha. Mom and I were just smiling at how "masculine" the joint was. I'm not into sports. I've never been "into" sports even though I played volleyball and swam on a team. I won't fake, I won't front. I make the lumpia's and the chicken wings and could give a rats' ass who wins or loses. But this place – Sheeeeez. If you sat towards the front of the room it was all leather recliners facing like 12 screens on various sporting events and then at the table you had the option of selecting a feed to come directly to your table. If you look closely at the photo of Julian and Mom you will see metal with holes in the back of the chairs – that's all surround sound for whatever sports feed you select. Bwahahahhaa testosterone-ville. On top of all that "sportishness" there is also a fairly big area, an oval bar and a full bar downstairs. It's a manly place. But let me tell you when three women walk around the joint men take heed. I noticed some Fugly girls trolling around for masculine attention – that was super uber funny.

But after saying all that…it's not where you eat…It's about spending time with Mom.

She only stayed shortly because she had to be at work. She's so sweet to say that she didn't want to rush our lunch and Julian made sure she caught a cab to the train station.

It was funny…everyone was basically telling Mom how much we love Julian and how wonderful he is. I like the way she would open endedly say,"Oooh…" and then give a nod and a proud smile and then look at him. We finished our food and mammoth drinks while the boys went to play some hoopin' game. Hahahaha.

…Meandering Michigan Ave

After Lunch we just wanted to meander around and check stuff out. A part of me wanted to go to the Museum of Contemporary Art. But a greater part of me just wanted to enjoy the cool air and the wide pavement. When I say the day was perfect…I wasn't kidding

We walked towards the park because I just can't resist city sculpture…

Sam and Amanda had caught the light and we got the red hand. When we finally caught up Sam was asking, "So what do you guys wanna do?"

I think his face says it all…see below

Time for Cheezy Sculpture Pics…

I made one stop to pick up a dope latte mug for my best chef Homie Katie…and @ the CVS for whitening toothpaste and some bobby pins. I miss this city pace. Fast fast everyone moving…no one apologizing…everything quick. I also like the smattering of people sitting in the sun resting and drinkin' a coffee watching people float by.

In the months prior to going to Chicago Julian and I would be out picking up a few things for the house, or the god baby's or even for him and he would be like, "let me get you something…let me do something nice for you…" And I would always jokingly say, "You can blow that money on the Magnificent Mile…" He would always laugh and say, "I know that's gonna cost me." Or "Sheeeeez, but you deserve to have anything you want Bebe…" I don't spend money flippantly whether it's mine or his. Prior to leaving he laughed and told me he'd seen many a bubblehead need a turn signal because they were running into stores so rapidly. I laughed and said, "Unlike most females my taste goes further than my mouth." That right there set the Tone for my shopping experience.

We walked by Van Cleef & Arpels and Julian turned to me and said, "Let's go inside and have a look." And before I could stop my mouth it came out, "I don't like Van Cleef…nor do I like Tiffany…If you are going to buy me That shit you may as well buy me shit @ Kmart…I only like Chopard." He let out a big ass roaring laugh. A couple ladies looked at me and I looked at them and spewed out a "What?" We continued to walk and he turned to look at me still laughing. I said, "I'm not kidding…Tiffany is now the GAP of jewelers...if you are going to buy me THAT shit you may as well just buy me jewelry on the Hong Kong black market --- you will get better quality without a stupid little ribboned box." He just chuckled and said, "That's MY Bebe…"

First of All when I visit a city I don't live in --- I only shop at stores that are not available in my own city. So when I have the opportunity I buy gear I can rock that no one will have where I live…That's my Saucy Infomercial for the day…

Julian's mission of the day was Niketown and Dress Socks. So we split off from our double dates since they had a mission of their own and the party was that night. We walk into Niketown and it's nice and quiet. We go upstairs immediately to the Jordan's. I told Julian, "You know when you get your house next year you will have to dedicate one room JUST to your shoes and clothing right?" He nodded and said, "YEP." He picked up a few pairs and then I came back and asked what he was getting he countered with what I thought was best. I pointed at the black, grey and white joints. I pointed to a hat. I pointed to one specific outfit. He smiled and said, "Those were my first choices too" So they called in for the shoes to be brought up and I looked around. I picked up some baby gear and I said, "Loooooooooook…your godson needs these…" He laughed and said, "Get it…" The salesperson was very savvy in telling him the new Air Force Ones came out the next day. Julian said, "That is on the itinerary tomorrow." I just nodded. He paid for the goodies and we smeared out.

Next Mission: dress socks. He was calling out stores as we walked around.

J: Hugo Boss.

Me: Overpriced.

J: Ralph Lauren.

Me: Overpriced AND Predictable.


Me: no dress sock selection

J: Emilio Zegna

Me: Hell No

J: Geoffrey Beene

Me: too Grampish

J: Talbots

Me: nope too square

J: Where then…

Me: Banana Republic…BR will have something that will match but be well made.

Bingo…3 pairs for 10 bucks – we lucked out on a sale. I think it's funny we cut corners on those socks and he was more than willing to buy me a 200 dollar dress that I mistakenly called cute. I think it's hilarious that we got better customer service than the woman who did buy the 125 dollar tank top. He's lucky I'm not some greedy untrained heffa that would just snatch and grab simply because he offers. But I must admit that it's very sweet that he offers. I must admit that it is endearing that he notices when something catches my eye. I must admit that it is awesome when he patiently waits while I scowl through my selections and tell him why certain styles are faulty and not worth the money. I must admit that it is wonderful to be with SOMEONE who not only has capability to get what we want but personal style as well.

So we strolled back towards the Hotel and said bye bye to R2D2 mailboxes

…My Girl Likes to Party All the Time…

We are horrible. Julian is often running about 10 minutes late and on the days he's on time then I am 10 minutes late - Hahahaha. After lunch and shopping and strolling we took a nap. We started to get ready and completely missed the cocktail hour…Our outfit choices were superb. Months ago when he brought up the topic of this party I told him our outfits should be light but polished since it's a summer evening formal. We lucked out in looking around because I found a Calvin Klein cocktail dress and his Emanuel Ungaro suit was a perfect compliment (thanks Saks Fifth Avenue). Even our shoes shimmered and clicked across the marble stairs appropriately.

We walked into the party right as dinner was being served. Yummy Filet Mignon for everyone with a side of rustic red potatoes and flash cooked broccoli. Predictable I know but I was relieved the plate was small because I think my dress was taken in a bit much in the bodice. Hahahaha. The ballroom was cold…Julian immediately offered his jacket…I declined and said, "Beauty has a cost…I will pay it tonight."

I noticed during a presentation quite a few people looking at us:

Did we shimmer that much?

Sam and Amanda were another handsome couple that night

After the sit-down Amanda and I went upstairs to the bar for a quick drink

Yep…ready to hit Rush Street

Pete Pimpin' and Julian in front of the Elevators

We went to the room so I could change into ballerina flats and grab my scarf because it would be a long night and it would get cold quickly since we are used to hotter climes.

We sprung out the door and 2 little girls were walkin' behind us in pool attire with their Mom and Grand Mom. One of them said, "Mommy, why is everyone dressed so pretty --- is there a party?" Before her mom could answer I turned around with a smile and said, "Life's a party kid…dress pretty every day" And everyone laughed as we got into the elevator.

EeeewWeeee: Julian's I-busted-you Face in the Cab

First Stop: Coyote Ugly.

2 girls on the bar. Rules of the game: You must hula hoop and drink your beer at the same time. First girl to slam her beer wins a C Note. Bwaaa hahaha. Julian said 5 bucks on the sister. Hahahaha – she won.

Shots of Patron all around. Lots of spooky bar slags and hags waiting for men to get drunk enough to mistake them for cute. Lots of weird dudes with misfitted shirts. And then there was us. Oh and lots of haters on us. I advised the boys to keep out of the bartenders reach or their fancy little ties would get cut and put on the ceiling.

Second Stop: House of Blues.

No pics…just a quick in and out coz we din't feel like payin' 45 bucks a head to see the Neville Brothers…The doorman shook Julian's hand and said it's nice to see a sharp brothuh doin' it big…Positive!!!

Third Stop: Excalibur Club

A Round of beers and some shots and some weird old stuff from the dj…Sam discovered an upper floor and we flipped it there coz it was a club within a club.

Fourth Stop: Vizion Club

Women go in free (at least those the door dude found cute) men pay another 5 bucks on top of the door charge they already got us for. This place was a lot more fun, more contemporary with a LOT more dancing. It also had access to the penthouse.

Sam and Julian chillin' drinkin' and lookin' handsome

Amanda danced the whole night and for part of it I got sweaty with her

Funny Moment in the Club 1:

Smoke machines were positioned in between all the speakers…The guys were well DRUNKY by this time. Julian cuts across the wall side of the dance floor as the smoke machines unload and he steps on a diagonal speaker and does this Bboy slide in his suit and all. He manages to plant his beer on the ground upright – catch himself on the speaker and hop up – never falling and looking rather athletic. Ahhh but the look on his face said, "Oooooh Shieeeet."

Amanda and Sam getting their Freaky Chill On…

Amanda giving Sam this little dance ignited a hella scary you tube moment. This creepy lady who looked like a PTA president started dancing up on this man sitting in a chair in her misshapen white Lycra dress. Erm…after a few little twists and turns and the man trying to dissolve into the chair cushions she had her dress around her waist and it turns out it wasn't the dress that was misshapen it was her. Bwaa hahaha. I think the barefoot squatted black panties under white dress was priceless. Julian handed the dude a dollar and said, "Here you go man thanks for the show…" So the girl adjusted herself in the chair and dude ran off with his beer. She turned around to see him gone and said, "Where'd he go…" You gotta love a broke ass club hoe. Bwaaa Hahahaha.

Sam and 3 other dudes got video. Lady – you just made You Tube.

Funny Moment in the Club 2

Amanda and I had been dancing. Julian and I had been dancing. Sam was chilling across the room on the stairs. Julian was running around checking everything out. Amanda was STILL on the dance floor enjoying the music with girls from the company. I wanted to just stand back and watch it all. After all, the dance floor is sometimes more entertaining than animal planet. So I was standing there and a guy stands next to me and says, "Why do you need a scarf?" I replied, "Because where I live its 117 degrees, so outside feels cold." He said, "Oh no kidding that's a big difference, where do you live?" I replied, "Phoenix by way of California…" He said…before he could finish his sentence Julian had come up and giving him a light knuckled push on the pressure point under the ribs. Hahahaha. Dude looked a little surprised. Julian said something like, "Oh I see you've met my girl." Bwaa Hahahaha. Dude said, "Oh this is your lady?" And Julian nodded. Of course Julian was completely sauced at this point of the night but he was also serious. So dude turned it down a notch and then looked at me and Amanda and asked if we had been to a wedding or something coz we were all dressed up. Before I could open my mouth to answer Julian came out of nowhere and said laughingly, "C'mooon Man" Except for his eyes weren't laughing. Dude left. Bwaa Hahahaha.

I was seriously cracking up. I said, "Julian, the man is just trying to make conversation." Julian said, "Uh Bebe, this isn't the SPOT for conversation." Hahahaha.

…Lookin' Handsome in the Hansom…

The clubs were open til 4 but everyone was happily faded and maybe even inebriated. We had a bottle of red and 4 glasses waiting in the room so 2am it was time to go. Right as we walked out there was a horse drawn carriage stopping. Sam looked at everyone and asked, "Wanna go for a ride?"

We were all smiles, "YEAAAAAAAAH"

Amanda and Sam with the City behind them

Julian and I tired but happy

Why you gotta smash my Eye Drunky?

The carriage driver was Friendly, Easy, Cool and our Horsie's name was Fiona

I cannot believe the guys borrowed the whip and were whipping the air as we drove through the city. I cannot believe how wonderful the night is on such a slow open ride. I guess a horse and carriage is just an OG Convertible. It was wonderful not only to be together but to be with friends…It was smile inducing when people look at 2 handsome couples enjoying the night dressed to the nines.

We were at the Hotel almost too soon. But it was a great night. Unforgettable Really.

PS) If any of you know Julian go ahead and ask him about "earl"

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