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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

29 Aug 2006: Good night you Monsters...

night night...i'm off to bed. i've been painting all day and I think the odorless turpenoid fried my head...but i'm makin' a lot of progress...

the self portrait as gift

stage 1

stage 2

stage 3

i'll prolly work on this about 3 more times then let it dry for a couple weeks and then tweek it a bit. I was actually in a painterly mood after makin' supernachos for everyone - so I worked on some other stuff...stuff that was sitting in the front living room which is just piles of books and rugs and paintings and mirrors - haha. I don't think we'll unpack ever.

so i tightened up the lines on this:

i blended this a bit more. Drew is gonna take this I just know it.

Maybe I'll let it leave the house maybe I won't

I completely covered up 2 pieces I'd outgrown...

And I i'm like 80% done with a portrait i'm not posting right now.

Bwaaa hahahhahahha

*evil snicker*

bwaa hahhaha

so yah - goodnight sucka's. I got cheffin' to do tomorrow

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