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Monday, September 14, 2009

14 Sept 2009: Everything Works Out...

Today Julian was supposed to fly home...he was supposed to go home a week earlier than I was. He already had a crate and his golf bag packed, the car was ready to go - his bags loaded and he was having a bite to eat. I told him to relax while I called Korean Air to confirm...

Well...Let me tell you - I love the Asian Airlines because the flight attendants are not only beautiful and attentive they are also thorough, quick and adept...Well my preference has a reason. En route here from Phoenix - the US Air 'ground stewardess' messed up Julians return flight and booked it the same time as MINE. Wuteva Heffa. Fortunately his work isn't gonna be buggin about it - but still it's retarded.

However, everything works out - last night for some reason all the radar systems went out at the airports and none of the flights went out so this morning all the flights finally went out but it was bonkers better that he be hear instead of anywhere else.


The PBA vs NBA Asian Challenge 2009 was very fun. I must admit the seats we got were even better than I thought...We had a better view than people who got a little closer for double the price...

RIDICULOUS...and we were just havin a good time...Plus this was our first NbA or PbA game ever --- I'd never gone to a sports event with him before despite our many freebies and offers to go...I would go anytime

Plus Quezon is so funny and bustling that the cops have to rope off the pedestrians during red lights so they don't go berserk and stop traffic...

Big fun and the bustle it's different in another part of the city...people in this part of the city are always on the have to keep your wits about you and be prepared for anything.


Yesterday...we were trying to see this WuShu demo in a park about 15 minutes from here but we had like 5 hours to kill. Well Julian wanted to go to see the CCP exhibit on Asian instruments - well I'd taken Janine there but I'd forgotten my camera...but I didn't this time...hahaha.

It had been a LONG minute since we'd gone there so we meandered...And people were inviting Julian to hang out. Hahahha.

Well...Cameras are NOT allowed in most museums...but don't let me use my night setting button on this joker...well 285 pics later...and voila - you guys get a tour too.

We didn't get one shot off at Casa de Manila but it was certainly worth it to use the camera that rest of the time...After we went to Silahis Arts and Crafts we wanted a coffee to rest our feet and sit for a bit...turns out there was a place right behind the art joint out of the way - It started to sprinkle when we entered the gallery but as we exited it meant cool breezes over a few drinks.

everything works out.

So we are refreshed after some drinks and conversation and started to exit Intramuros with no particular destination and then chanced upon an abandoned building with plenty of Graff. Imagine that...

This is a place of creation not destruction - you find that people here make things...expressions of themselves - expressions of protest - expressions of hospitality...and there are times where they aren't even sure if they can do it but they don't quit at ALL...

perfect example - My mom has a dressmaker - My godmother hooked me up with like 15 bolts of prime fabric - so I asked the lady can u make this can you make that - and she said well...I said let's try 4 pieces and if you do it i'll get 6 more...

She stopped by today and she's the "SHIT"....she told Mom's girls those designs make my head bleed - but I love making beautiful things...and I'm lucky to have work right now because no one is really ordering anything.

everything works out

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