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Sunday, September 20, 2009

20 Sept 2009: The Fabric of Life...literally and not so literally

So Day 25 26 and 27 were spent battling with the seamstress...

About 10 days ago I told Tita Mama (my godmother) that I wanted to go to the fabric district. About a day later she asked me what I needed from there - I said oh some fabric coz I want a couple of my dresses copied. She laughed and asked,"what kind of fabric" I laughed and said oh just linen and cotton for everyday wear. She said Ohhhh no problem just come to the house - and pick what you'd like, I'll come pick you up in the morning.

I went to titas house and she literally had 4 floor to ceiling cabinets 4 half cabinets and 3 trunks full of fabric. I didnt even know where to begin. I finally narrowed it down to 12 choices and dresses to copy and some sketches of what i wanted.

The original lady who used to make all of our dresses has very unfortunately passed away. That lady was originally taught to sew by our grandmother...and she always said that so proudly whenever we asked her to sew us up anything...

Well I guess my Mom had a lady who sewed up her shorts. I wasn't going to trust anyone so blindly so I gave her 4 dresses to copy about a week ago and some fabric. I should have known then it was bullshit when she showed up late, left late and returned a day later than the originally scheduled time. But she did a good job.

It ended up being day in and day out of constant text messages from Mom's #1 girl just to get a delivery time and the last 3 days I've had to reschedule any kind of going out. She was supposed to show up today past noon and after calling her 8 times she finally said that she was going to be here by 7pm. I'm hella pissed coz I missed one of the girls birthday dinners - but as we are packing and I need a final fitting I have no choice but to pack and wait since we leave in the morning.

However - the tardy beeyotch does do a clean job.

Here's a peek at what she's done so far.

I had to have 2 purple joints made to match the eggplant etienne aigner that my Tita Oyee gave me - I like this little jackie O style joint. And I got the boots to match the purse which will also go with THIS dress...

I also had some little sundresses made...I love them all but I really have a crush on that blue one...

I got a couple little neutral dresses...

Egad...I love this joint with the geometric...Can't wait to rock it with boots.

And I just had to get ONE flossy joint - Black Kimono...Don't hate...


So there you have it. You know the funny thing is - because I was comped the fabric the dresses only ended up being like 9 dollars each. Bwaa hahahhhaa. Imagine that. I was still a bit perved at her and advise her that I dropped a tasty amount of change on her because the usual work she does is 1 dress a week and I dropped 9 on her and because of my complicated selections I paid twice as much.

In these times when someone pays you double on a 9x order you should be quick and courteous because when I order I bring other orders with me. Tsk tsk.

But like all my different dresses - only certain fabrics should be used for certain dresses and should be worn by certain people. It's the variations in the cloth that make all of us up.

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