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Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Tiger Day Playboys!!!

This morning Tiger woods made his official "television apology" exclusively on the Golf Channel.

For months different tv show hosts and desk anchors have been saying,"Tiger owes America an explanation and an apology..." Who the HELL gave these news personalities the right to demand shiit. He doesn't owe anyone shit except stellar golf performance. However, I knew he would give the press a bite due to his partnership with Nike and his foundation.

His 3 page apology was specific and repeated a few key points to drive it home to the media as they have selective hearing and like an impolite guest will pick only the juiciest part of the meal. I was appalled that he tried to cannonize that moronic wife of his. I would have made a PARIAH out of that bitch and put her in a CLEAR place. He was naive enough to refer to her as 'displaying grace' Bwaa hahahha. Hey Foolio Woods - you know her and her bitch posse were leaking shit to the press to strengthen her position in case of a multi millio dollar divorce. Bwaa hahhaa. That's sorry.

The jist of the apology is this "Mind your own business and I don't owe you shit." And truly he does NOT. He needs to play golf and show them how it's done...he needs to continue working on giving talented kids scholarships and opportunities...and worry about them kids and his Asian Momma. He also needs to put that hoe in check.

I like how he had Momma Woods in the front row and of all the pro golfers that would show front row support - it was Notah Begay the talented Native American who he even hugged. The PGA chairman got a courtesy handshake. I hear what you are saying Tiger --- even if you didn't verbalize it.

Believe me MILLIONS of us LIVE that shit.

Tiger went wrong 6 years ago when he married that breeding sow. A Nanny! A Nanny? A Nanny. You should have hit it and quit it. Model my ass. It ain't like she had real model status like a Naomi Campbell or Devon Aoki or Kimora Lee or Cindy Crawford type shit...She had a FAILED modeling career at BEST and on top of that her shit is all air brushed...coz if her modeling career was so hot why was she workin' as a NANNY. You hire the help kid - you don't hump it or marry it. But I suppose in his heart he knows that - because if he would have respected her inside of his soul he wouldn't have cheated on her a gazillion named and unnamed times. Because you respect your equals and strive to stay level with them in all the many ways.

Which brings me to Jesper Parvenik. Your wrinkled brokeback Morrissey lookin ass needs to SHUTTTTTUP. How DARE you "apologize" for introducing them. Elin couldn't even correct a Pebble Beach bartender for giving her a Hard Lemonade instead of a plain one - believe me motherfuckers I was there in 2001- it HAPPENED. How DARE you Parvenik - mind your own career you crusty bastard. When that cow met him he was already a multi millionaire...she didn't have shit but moderate looks with a quick expiration date - believe me I know - I've spent extensive time in Sweden.

She's a moron. When my husband is a multi millionaire - I will rebuild rec centers in all areas because the counties no longer have funding to maintain programs , and fund adult literacy, and create revenue for audio books for the blind and work with some specific orphanages overseas. Life is bigger than yourself - and trifling hoes get what they deserve.

I'm sad for Tiger too because I sense that if Big Poppa Woods were alive none of this shit would happen - he is just lucky that he has the concrete support of a Momma.

The funny thing is 2 of 3 people polled won't even change support of him despite the infidelity. Because at the end of the day infidelity has happened throughout the ages and it will continue to happen in the future. I just don't like that they are trying to "lynch" and "whip" him with publicity. Keep tryin' Haters.

I'll say this now and I said it the day after Thanksgiving 2009 - "Leave his ass alone..." Stupid Ass American Media - they try to demand apologies of a sports celebrity while politicians get away with infidelity and gay infidelity ALL DAY. Why don't they approach real issues like the gross intellectual malnutrition of 2 generations - Why don't they attack corruption in state and federal agencies - Why don't they address the illiteracy of generations on a societal/nutritional/cultural level. Why don't they address the fact that over half the nation only speaks English and they speak it poorly. Kiss my ass with your corporate owned media bullshit.

I will always be on the side of the hustler and not the hoe.

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