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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I'm hardheaded most times...

Last night I got it in my head that I was going to do my own taxes. I said to myself well it's pretty much the same thing every year and I can do these depreciation calculations "no problem"

Hahahha that's funny!

So by 4am I give up - because I can't find the property vs land depreciation and it was double calculating the rental property income and I ended up OWING. Bwaa hahaha - Sometimes you just have to learn to let people do things for you. Good news is - the tax lady got me 500 more than my own forms and the other good news is I found another 300 on Mr. Man's forms than he would on his own. Ironically, the tax preparer had 2 mistakes and couldn't figure out these additional deductions and I showed her that it was a discrepancy in 2 dates.

Taxes are lame - and they only often benefit those who have dependents. If I didn't have a property to calculate depreciation I would end up owing every year - Mr. Man and I agreed we need to produce some deductions. An 18-21 year deduction right?

I feel like every year the government takes more while I benefit less. All of these monies are taken out by local, state, federal, ssn...then there are minute taxes taken here and there. I used to work for the Dept of Deaf and Hard of Hearing and when I first got hired I said well how do you fund these special phones and equipment? They pointed out this very minute tax that everyone pays on their phone bill of about 22 cents or so and it provides it somehow.

I'm not saying I want an explanation - but if I pay my taxes I'd like the roads to look and feel right, the kids to have rec centers and see it put to work...Why even take any SSN tax from me coz I sure as shit won't get it in my vintage days? My Mom and Grandmother don't even collect theirs coz it's so paltry.

I'm just blathering. I can't help it - I resent taxes a bit.

Perhaps that's why I wait right up until the end even though I know I'm getting a refund - the entire act is tedious and it's almost set up so you fail.

But I didn't.

so it's cool.

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