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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oh here come this bitch again...

Let me preface this by sayin, I do not have a facebook - but I do use my sisters facebook to play games (lol). Well in playing the games I notice the stream of updates on the newsfeed.

I tell you what - My sister is a NIIIIIICE mofo - coz I wouldn't talk to quite a few of those bitches and I sure as shit wouldn't pee on them if they were burning down to 5th degree burns. They are fake ass user bitches who think they can pout, flirt, fuck, suck or bullshit their way out of anything.

Well today this one chick sent her an email that said - OH does anyone blog - it's official i'm starting a blog. Really???

Hella EW - Really and then she spelled chick as chic. Ew. You know what I can't stand is people who are SURFACE positive. People who are always attempting to preserve the concept of NICE while failing to serve the delivery of TRUTH. Well that and on top of the fact that she likes my handsome ass brother - UH NO, she ain't wearing our last name EVER and i'll cockblock that into the next life.

Who wants to read your endorphine driven attempts at motivation and your paltry attempt at girliness that only make you look like a reject on RuPauls "drag race" - stop lying to yourself cow - Just do what you do best - procreate and workout. Leave the writing to the rest of us.


Then there's her friends who profess a love of photography and painting and all of that - PLEASE - DO - NOT - BASTARDIZE - ART. When you me and we all know that you ain't good for ANY OF THAT. Please don't act like you really rock that new Canon when I heard your boyfriend say OH yeah she broke my last one...Please don't act like you really paint - when I walked by your cubicle and saw a PAINT BY NUMBERS kit from Michaels - bwaa hahaha. And please don't put your face near mine because I already heard about how you got that job on your knees (NASTY)...

I just wish they would stop perpetrating all these fake abilities and making them look like craft or skill - it's not - Its a hobby bitch.

Just a hobby.

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  1. I've missed your brutal honesty, Suacy! Damn, I wish I had your cojones sometimes. There's nothing more refreshing than telling it exactly how it is.