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Sunday, April 25, 2010

'Birthin' my Disgust...

The Arizona Birther Bill.

I quote from "the state GOP pushed through a radical bill that would require police to interrogate anyone they suspect of being an illegal immigrant, the Arizona House embraced the "birther" conspiracy about President Barack Obama. On Monday, the state's House voted for a provision that would require Obama to show his birth certificate to order to be included on the state's ballot in the presidential election."

Are you kidding me? Really?

I am thoroughly disgusted by this blatant rape of basic civil rights that stretches probable cause to include skin color. Dumb Ass Jan Brewer (whom i did not vote for) stated on the news the other day "what does an immigrant look like because I don't have a preconception of what one looks like" Bullshit Bitch. Everyone knows they are not going to ask my Filipino ass for a birth certificate nor will they ask my black boyfriend, my chinese friends, my white friends nor will they ask my Mexican friends who are engineers and such and drive Beemers. I doubt they will pull over a couple illegal Italians and British that I know who are hangin out in AZ either. The cops will also not pull over the PLETHORA of illegal Canadians who I know lurk in Scottsdale. They will question folks who appear to come from the Southern Border - such as Mexican people.

Really? Really.

I've been pulled over in Oakland before when my hair was twisted up and I had some Dr. Dre on Vibrate in my Jeep. The cop thought I was black and when he figured out I was Filipino he let me go. I remember he told me that he thought my Jeep engine was TOO LOUD and it was bordering 'noise pollution.' I can genuinely say I know what it's like to be profiled since he followed me for 3 miles, called in my plates then pulled me over with his hand resting near his gun with the buckle unstrapped. That shit is not cool - and though it always aggravated me I got over it because things slowly improved.

Now this...

Most shocking of all are the Ethnic Minority Republicans who are trying to stand up and defend the Birther Bill. First of all you ain't even in the right tax bracket to be a republican, Second of all they don't even give a shit on the global and cultural scale to preserve any kind of cultural ideology or identity you have and finally - have you lost yo' damn mind?

My boyfriend finds the whole thing hilarious because I know he has intentions of becoming an ex-pat. But I am baffled and disgusted - that they are using this platform of hysterical ignorance to fuel a police state, override basic rights and shit on the constitution. In the short time I've lived here I will tell you this - there is never a shortage of any cops in any city around here - but the they will quickly dismiss 25-40% of their teachers and cut school budgets. The children here have a mediocre education at best and their manners might as well be in the shitter - my sisters dogs have better manners.

I believe the immigration issue needs to be addressed but not by creating a police state. I mean seriously - you are gonna give these high school level gun toting robots the ability to make the independent, spontaneous and random decision about WHOM to pull over because they appear to be "immigrant" They need to think about that shit. My grandparents did everything by the book when they came over here of course it was a bit more lax due to the Philippines helping in the War versus the Japanese but still - they were required to take the tests, fill out the paperwork, establish residency and all that.

It's funny to me that White America is quick to want to do this Immigrant Cleansing. Are they completely oblivious to the fact that albeit there is illegal immigration - Immigrants fuel our economy. Immigrants due very difficult and dangerous jobs such a butchery, meat plants, agriculture, nurseries...and of course restaurants and other service oriented jobs. There are also jobs that they go out and solicit that are skilled but they charge less, such as masonry, construction and gardening. - Most of these jobs pay very little and on the scale of things the pay is NEVER tantamount to the work. If we empty these jobs suddenly it will create a long dip in our economy - coz I just don't see any square ass nose in the air republicans rushing to get some dirt under their nails.

Even the district attorney has voiced that he disagrees with this bill but as a servant of the state has no choice but to defend it. He also foresees a lot of lawsuits - yeah no shit sherlock - I didn't need law school for that foolio. Jan Brewer can play as dumb as she wants coz she's as dumb as it gets. She can also kiss my ENTIRE brown ass.

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