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Saturday, June 9, 2007

09 Jun 2007: Me and Him got a dirty little secret...

My Dirty Secret

When I go to the grocery store I really like to look at what people have in their grocery carts. I think it gives you a lot of insight into their lives. What they eat, what they drink...the amount of produce vs processed food in their cart. It's really odd - no one really cooks at all. People even buy that weird looking "cheese toast" in the freezer section! Huh? We rarely even buy soda. Even funnier, people look in my cart and look at me like where's your food? Bwaa hahahha. It's pretty predictable what I get: 2 kinds of proteins, 3 kinds of vegetables , 2 fruits, a starch in the form of pasta or rice, cheese and yogurt. Of course we always stock juice or make our own from crystal light or jamica powder. It's pretty obvious that we cook. The only processed kind of food we get is boxed cereal and ramen - OH and cheetos (I can't make cheetos). We don't even buy microwave popcorn - I make it on the stove with a copperbottom pan and some creole seasoning. I think it's hilarious that people look at me like I'm the weird one. Haha.

It's kind of sad really. If you love people why would you feed them such scary stuff. If you love yourself - why would you deny yourself "good" food touched by the sun? **shrugs**

I'm really happy that almost everything we eat is made. We've attempted to eat out a few times...and outside of sushi and korean bbq, we've always been disappointed, a couple times we actually got belly aches and even worse. At least we've added Sweet Tomatoes to the going out places now. But since I have a produce hookup we don't even go salad bar-ing too often.

His Dirty Secret

Whenever he is out and about and he sees people having a garage sale or yard sale he always goes to look. I asked him why do you do that? He's like I like to see what's going on, how they live, why they havin' a yard sale, or even where they are moving to. Bwaa hahahaha. I laughed and said same damn reason I look in the cart.

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