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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

26 Jun 2007: Cake Fo' Yo' Face

Here's some Blog Lite - for those of you a little mind provoked by my last blog. Just a few recent cakes. I thought I lost my digicam...and then I was diggin' in my chef kit for my little asian knife and voila - I found my handy beater cam.

Tiramisu pays those bills kids...

There are some LUCKY 4 year olds in Arizona...I'm tellin' you...

Raspberry Chocolate...for a 4 year old, with Pink and Yellow Butterflies on Tempered Milk Chocolate...bwaa hahahhaa. I ain't really into butterflies personally. For me they symbolize something that goes fluttering from place to place never stopping to really be anything then they die. Go Figure...But it wasn't my birthday - so I can oblige.

Raspberry Lemon on Whitecake with a touch of chocolate...Sigh. I just LOVE candied Lemon Peel...not how it it feels and smells!

This is what I call a 12 pack at the end of the day...


More coming soon...and more foodie Chronicles.

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