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Contact Me By Clicking "view my complete profile"

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ten Kinds of Weird Sauce...

Jeez Jen...thanks for taggin' my ass...

I have been disclose 10 weird things about me!

1) I make weird faces even when I'm by myself...

2) I will eat noodles/soup any time any weather even when it's 106 out

3) I only cook for those I love and I never eat with enemies.

3) I sleep with the blanket completely over my head...ever since I was little. In fact Julian asked me this do you sleep like that...I said like what...he said with the Blankets over your HEAD...I said I dunno I like it sometimes...he laughed and said you pull that over your head and knock out!

Bwaa hahhaa - I like it.

4) I like unusual pieces...

5) I love weddings

6) I've never had a nightmare

7) Wendy is my funbutton...

8) April is my trigger finger

9) Meesh is the momma of my babies and the Hopscotch Homie...She's my can of verbal whupass that I call upon thick and thin.

10) I love birthday dinner...for anyone's birthday including my own!

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