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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

26 Jun 2007: Arizona Asian Festival Recap - hella overdue

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Just a quickie blog...

Day 1 was my brother, my godbrother, my sister and myself...

I gotta say I loved the dances, the fashion show and everyone just chilling and eating under the open atrium. Of course Wendy was the all day Emcee and I gotta say - she can hold a damn good face even when things get bonkers...

It was a perfect day though...nice cool winds and bright hot sun with a clear sky.

I think we could be more Asian than carryin' a hello kitty and tokidoki

Bwaa hahahhhaa

Let's eat a LOT of samosas and then take some pics

No no no take another one she says...

Why we always bringing 2 cameras...and damn near takin the same shot

Gotta love my Godbebebro... brother is like well this is fun and all that - but I got stuff to do - I'm like,"like what"...he's like I feel like gettin' a new car today. Bwaa hahaha! The three of them left to go car shopping and after the festivities I sauntered back to the parking garage after helping Wendy with her dress. And after we fawned over the youngest Taiko drummer in AZ. Nina and her Mom offered me a ride to my car...I was like why? They are like this is downtown. I started laughing and said it's only 2 or 3 blocks down and it's not even dark. I'm like one block from the theatre and a church - Jeeeeez. I'll tell you this: I wouldn't talk to me if I didn't know me - I think I can walk 3 blocks downtown.

Day 2.

More Dancing, more drumming...and we were running a little late. This was just me and Julian. He cracked me up that day coz not only did we get a late start but then he busts out with - Honey, I'm stopping at the mall...I need a hat. I just laughed. So we park at the same garage...and walk down the street - and I already knew what was gonna happen...

He accosted the statue...

Who doesn't love a little hawaiian barbecue...

Yeahhhh I kick it with Beauty Queens...

Julian learning pageant wave...

Wendy's happy cookie face. We brought her cookies coz the day before I knew she had a crazy 8 hours on the Mic and I think someone only brought her food one time. Jeeeeez.

This is my favorite GRIME face ever!!!

But this is more like it...

So right before this picture was taken I tell Julian...I was mad yesterday coz I din't win the raffle. He's like what was it - I said a gift certificate for 99 ranch Market. So he goes to get the tickets. I look at them and say," I've never won a raffle have you?" He looks at me and says,"nooo. No wait. Once at a baseball game." I laugh and say,"Well, I never win these things - but I want that Gift Cert for 99 ranch Market..." Well wouldn't you know...then they called one of our tickets. Bwaa hahahhaa. First Raffle EVER together, we still got the tickets and part of the gift certificate - their in the cigar box with our other little mementos.

Mess around and flirt with Auntie -- you end up onstage doin' a Laotion Greeting Dance...Auntie said,"you americans you touch - we do not touch"

I don't even remember what Julian was doing in this one!!!

Wendy and Worm Cheesin' it during Julian's little Laos "boogie" All I can hear is Worm sayin,"I'm glad that's not me up there maaaan" hahahaha

Worm and Julian Grubbin' happily. That's a fabulous little bonsai Worm's got at his feet. Quite a few people think I should have a food booth there next year. It's only 500 for a booth fee. I was watching the portions they serve vs the price they charge and let me tell you that is easily a 3-4K weekend. 4 thousand in 16-20 hours ain't bad. Hmmm - I have a few months to think about it.

The fireman dude walks up and says hello to me and Wendy. Then he turns to Wendy and says my buddies said I wouldn't have the nerve to talk to you. I laugh and said,"Well aren't you used to HOT STUFF" Bwaa hahaha. Then I go come on let's take a pic - and he was QUICK to oblige - bwaa hahaha.


What a day what a day - good times. Native Dances...Martial Arts Demos...Food and Fun...A little Shopping...Some Falun Dafa and other enlightenment - very fabulous. It was good for me to see driven little ones. I can't wait for next year.

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