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Contact Me By Clicking "view my complete profile"

Monday, October 17, 2011

Asian Delight & Ketchup - my youtube update

I went from being sidetracked to uploading 8 videos. I know it seems like a lot of them are Asian food - or Asian inspired food - but I figure that a lot of my viewers don't really know how to make these types of dishes and it would add variety to what they make. For goodness sakes - I don't know why I would rush and make a dirty 30s pie when everyone probably already has their own version - although maybe I'll make a shepherds pie when it gets a bit cooler.

Here is a list of the videos that I put up:

As a special bonus...below is a video of me shooting an AK for the first time LOL.
It's not as bad as I thought - truth be told I think it's easier to shoot an AK than a .40 cal. But you can't exactly put it in your purse huh - haha

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  1. oh wait! nm my last post... i can get your youtube channel here =)