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Saturday, October 8, 2011

October - One Week has passed Already?

Hello Everyone!

It's been pretty crazy but last weekend I managed to can 15 pints of beef

We have had chicken at a very good price recently but truth be told this house loves beef - and if I ask anyone what do you want to eat - BEEF is almost always the answer. Also since we are trimming the budget until December we are probably using the preps 2-3 times a week.

I got potatoes and carrots at a steal last week so I canned those - and the Atlas jars from the classico pasta worked just almost everyone said - and I do like how BIG they are.

4 quarts potatoes
5 pints potatoes (some with carrots)
4 pints carrots

it's amazing what you can do when you are really determined to get it done huh?

Last week I got 3 pineapples for 3 dollars and canned them midweek to test it. Some folks said when they have canned pineapple it's been very bland but these ones were very good - not like bush ripe but for box ripened - I won't complain.

Cost is about 42 cents a pint when you can it yourself. I do add a touch of lemon juice - not only for safety but also for flavor.

At one point I overcooked this pineapple syrup a bit too hot so that's why it has that brownish color. I caught it right before it turned amber LOL scary thought to have to wash a burnt pan from carbonized pineapple simple syrup.

Yesterday there were a few sales and I always stop by the 99 cent only before I hit the regular stores. I just hit the stores randomly - and it kind of trips me out how there is always something good when i say "let's check..."

I found this sri lankan tea 100 bags 99 cents
organic greens and spinach 99 cents

I checked the freezer for some frozen peas and beef sausage - yes on the peas..and guess WHAT - butterball kielbasa 99 cents. exp 11/27/2011.
I think they had 9 in there and I took them all.

I also picked up sunflower seeds and persian cucumbers -also 99 cents.

3 dishtowels were 99 cents
At the next store the chicken breast was 1.49 a lb but there were only 2 little packets left. Better something than nothing at least I could use it for a couple meals.

The cilantro was 33 cents.
The vitamin E with coconut oil - 99 cents.

El Pato was 79 cents
tomatoes 3 lbs 99 cents
jalapenos 3 lbs 99 cents

Cabbage was 6lbs 99 cents limit 3 heads

Limes 2lbs 96 cents

Pears 3 lbs for 99 cents

The limit was 6lbs but there were 2 of us so I got 12 lbs.

10 lbs of pears made 13 pints
2.5 lbs of limes made 3 pints of 75% juice.

I'm going to wait awhile to make juice by hand again especially using a reamer.

I'm tough but tired. haha

Click here for Pear Canning Video

Yesterday before Lit class I stopped by Ace Hardware - I've decided that even though Ace Hardware charges 50 cents more a case I am going to buy my jars there because it is privately owned - at least the one by our house is.

a case of pint jars is 10 bucks
a 6 pack of HALF GAL jars was 10.50

Kind of pricey but it is what it is.

Pineapple $1 ea at Sprouts.
reg jar lids $1.29
wide mouth lids $1.59
pectin free with coupon

I got 3 of those- I think 2 of them fell out in the car - LOL I'm discombobulated lately.

Here are the pineapples broken down...I saved the leaves for the compost as well as the trim.

When Mr.Man got home he walked through the laundry room and said WOW our house smells like pineapples! haha. That's so great - Eat THAT febreeze!

4 fresh pineapples made 8 pints plus leftovers of about 2 cups. Not painful at all because it's water bath canning...

click here to watch canning pineapple video

That's pretty much my shopping week. School has been hectic and good. I'm actually ahead in Lit because I'm such a spazz I finished my paper last Wednesday night and it isn't due until this coming Tuesday - HAHA. Imagine that. I took a Math test and it wasn't anything I really studied for and I made 3 really silly mistakes from overcorrecting it and got an 86 which brought my class average to like 94 or something. I've got some really nice people in my classes this semester - much better than last semester.

I'm just hanging in there. I'm trying to get a part time job at a coffee place or something so I can at least get some free coffee and a few hours. It seems that Mr. Man is not down with this. I know I mentioned that he already changed jobs for an increase in pay, better hours and more vacation time - but tonight he called me to tell me that he will be doing some flooring work a few Saturdays a month for extra money because I could use the money for jars.

I was really touched when he said that because he already got an increase so there wouldn't be pressure for me to work. I seriously respect him - not only because he is bringing home the bacon but because he went out and did MORE than I expected and I didn't have to nag him or something to make it happen - he did it of his own Accord. I'm not really the nagging type I've never got on his ass about money or I want this, or you have to get me this or stuff that ham head girls might do - that's just not my thing.

We prep not only for what we have but what we will have.

He is a good man truly.


  1. Awwww, whatta gentleman. A REAL man!! BTW, it amazes me the deals you find. I've never seen sausage like that on sale for 99 cents...I don't blame you for buying all of'em.

  2. @ Tasha - I'm very proud of him. He does not fall to negativity (although he gets irritated with the news haha)and he is very mindful of peoples dignity. You know what - I feel like I STOLE those kielbasa! Butterball brand. Some dude told me that's TVP with only enough turkey to make it legal on the label. i said and what do you think hotdogs, spam and fast food is made of?

  3. Those jalapanos made me wonder if you have ever canned Cowboy Candy. Candied jalapenos. I made my first batch this week, and while they are supposed to age for three weeks, they tasted pretty good fresh as well!

  4. @ Kris: I've eaten jalapeno jelly (super good with cream cheese on a wheat cracker)...but I've never made it. Is it on your blog? How to make it?

  5. You sure are great at finding sales and look at all that wonderful home canned food.