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Friday, October 28, 2011

Piece Of Cake - NOT

My brothers so nice - he got me this cake pendant the other day - I love the dang thing it's so cute! I hate to admit it but I thought to myself I could buy at least 10lbs of beef with what you spent for it -but I didn't say anything I just thanked him and Mr. Man is making me a paracord choker so I can wear it. Awesome!

I got through my English Final and it looks like I have an A overall for the class she just has 1 more thing to grade. I took that yesterday - I did a paper on the effects of war on children from the point of being fatherless, orphaned or exposed to depleted uranium. I managed to finish the paper in 2 hours - pretty dang good. I heard some people trying to say that they were going to complete their paper in just 3 pages. I said why don't you just write the 6 pages and do it in less time instead of trimming your writing since there is no limit on length. No one thought this was a good idea.

On Monday I took my second math test so far this semester and I scored a 91. She handed them back today and only posted the grades yesterday. Even though I am a poor student at Math I study very hard because I am determined to get an A. I have to pay very close attention to the lectures, exercises and examples. I told the instructor today that I am very poor at Math and she laughed at me. I told her I'm not really getting a deep grasp of it - because I understand it but I am having difficulty absorbing it. She told me to relax and just keep doing what I do - THEN she gave an extra credit assignment for the test to the whole class which will give me an additional 5 points AND gave another extra credit assignment for a 1% total grade lift if you complete it. So if I maintain pace I will maintain my A - woo hoo - I feel like a thorn has been taken out of my side.

The critical essay class went easy this morning too!

The good news is I finally have Tuesdays and Thursdays off which will free me up for canning and making videos again! Woo Hoo.

Video's coming soon.


  1. I'm like that with jewelery in general which always think jeez for the cost of that you could have bought a xyz that would now be worth ...

    The pendant makes me think of Marie as in Let Them Eat Cake worn by a woman who is prepared.

    Congrats on the grades you brain !

  2. Awww, I'm proud of you girl!! You are definitely an encouragement to math illerates everywhere!! lol

  3. @Pelenaka - Marie Antoinette - as a prepper - choppin their head then canning them! Here is a special youtube vid coming for you - this weekend I am going to attempt MALASADAS! cross your fingers for me.

    @Tasha - I am the math illiterate queen!