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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I finally beat my own BEST!

Back in the day I used to "race" myself in the kitchen.  I would try to cook a 4 course meal with rice in less than 45 minutes.  I still race myself.  I still win.  HAHA.

We still love a homemade burger.  Very rarely do we eat out.  The other night our friends Sean and Amy invited us over for dinner - and it was so tasty.  Shrimp Fried Rice, Eggrolls, Stirfry Beef and a vat of Crawfish.  They even sold me on doing some Sake Shots.  It was so nice to not cook - and eat some delicious food.

Anyway --- back to beating my best!  There is only one thing better than the bottom of a receipt saying: Savings 100% and that's:

107% SAVINGS!!!!!!

Isn't that something...I'm so excited I finally beat my record of 103% savings.

I guess I should show you what I can do with 69 cents.  The only thing I can get at the store with 69 cents with no coupons is the new half packs of gum they are selling - what the heck is a "half pack" lol NOTHIN!

One case of nesquik and the 8 pantene were purchased separately but it was still 101% savings so it's factored in.

This is the most amazing haul I've ever had.  I was really just on my way to the register when I walked by a mini gorilla shelf with baskets of make up...I picked one up and the price was astounding and I realized I had coupons.  I was thinking I was going to pay between .49-.99 cents per item and I wasn't really intending to spend that much money.  This cute blonde girl was hovering too and I told her dig in girl and she laughed.  I noticed she had the "envelope" of coupons.  I called Mr. Man and asked him to please bring me 20 coupon books from the back office.  When he arrived I asked the blonde girl if she needed some coupons.  She said really?  I said sure - I'm not greedy.  I said would you like 6 or 8?  She laughed and said "4 is fine" I handed them to her.  She said WAIT --- these mascara coupons in your book are worth $3!!!  I said oh heckkkk no - MONEYMAKER!  I laughed and told her pick what you want because I'm clearing these baskets.  She picked her 4 items and I said are you sure that's all you want?  She said yes thanks.  She said My goodness you have so many coupons...I laughed and told her I'm a digger.  I told her anytime she saw me around she could hit me up for coupons anytime coz I'm not greedy.

I noticed the store manager was doing a display reconfigure and I told her I'm clearing your shelves - she said please do.  I said, One of your staff told me you are having a shoplifting problem so you will no longer carry cosmetics?"  She said yes.  I said don't worry I will ring these separately at self checkout coz of the proctor and gamble coupons...She said OH no you don't have to do that - just tell them I said so...I was like "thanks Christine."  (She even saw me at checkout and said,"take care of her - give her what she wants..." )

I cleared the shelf - grabbed another handbasket - and wheeled over to the deli area where I could sit down and sort my coupons and do some clipping.  While I was there I picked up a few chicken strips and a large pink lemonade.  It probably took about 30 minutes to sort it out because I had to also calculate how much money they were making me and I already had in mind that I wanted the dehydrated dates to make date sugar.  I had coupons for everything except the dates, the romano cheese and the nail polish (79cents ea).  Bottom Line was 69 cents.  The funny thing is on my hand written calculations my number was 75 cents - HAHAHAHA.  I even gave the cashiers nesquik and lipstick.  I always let the cashiers pick something out of my freebies if they like it.

I'm also a coupon fairy - if I see people buying stuff and I have coupons I don't use - I give them the coupons.  Last weekend I gave 2 college kids a stack of food coupons. Yesterday I gave a Canadian couple 24 coupons for bogo on cesar dog food.  Today I gave a lady some atkins coupons, a young mother a stack of food and snack coupons and another man coupons for his dry dog food.  Any opportunity I get I give people coupons - especially if I happen to be at walmart. HAHA!

My friend Grayv told Mr. Man today,"Soon they will be paying your wife to take things out of the store..."  And don't you know it happened today!

 Oh yeah I managed to get these at WallyWorld for 26 cents ea...I don't normally go to WallyWorld but they had the cheapest price on these...

 I also managed to make a full tray of chicken strips out of 4 chicken breasts - this should last us until Sunday depending on how many people come to visit.  It's really hard to find good food - it's to the point where I can only buy bread from 2 places (I'm too impatient to bake in the winter) and I've started making all of our tortilla and potato chips.  It's just nuts - but it's all about making big batches of stuff and then reheating them later.

Ysa is 3 days old and she is already ready for the mall. HAHAHA.

The other thing is at work I've started leaving stuff in the office for the staff.  Snack cakes, cereal, shampoo, now mascara and soups.  I just leave it there so they can help themselves.  It's just one of those little things I can do to be nice.  I told one of the girls - here's your shampoo.  She said how much is it?  I said Free Fifty Three. She said really - I said really...I can't wait to see how they react to the makeup.

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