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Friday, March 1, 2013

Oops February has come and gone...

...and I'm so behind on my updates!

This is from last months deals.  I'm getting so frustrated --- I have now misplaced TWO digicams!  hahaha.  My disorganized organization - oh well.

 I found some coupons and truth be told they weren't that great.  I've just been stocking the books and keeping a loose inventory in my memory and pulling them to match deals.

I mean seriously...I find that most of the coupons are useless.  Mostly cosmetics --- and let's be honest - who can eat eyeshadow?

I went to see my butcher and he is still just charging me 1.99/lb for 90-93% lean ground fresh and this time I had him run it through twice.  We picked up 35lbs and I also picked up some additional coupon books - YAY.  I like Smart Source a LOT coz they tend to have more food/tp coupons!  Useful!

I had to work for a few hours and my friend called to ask if I could watch the baby for a bit while she went bed set shopping.  I told her sure and could she put the carseat in my car coz I had shopping.

Look! at this baby - she is so hilarious and has such a good time.  That's an apple in her hand and she's already excited.

I took her to the Asian grocer, 2 krogers and another grocery store and she was perfectly good.  She was asking about stuff and waving like Miss America!
 She is always happy to see me and hug me and follows me around the kitchen to see what I'm getting into (like she's in charge HA)...But when she sees Mr. Man she is all over him like he is her FAVORITE!

It cracks me up.

The only thing that draws her away is the sizzling of a pan or the beep of the oven.

Her Mom is always saying she's so bad...but I've never experienced that.  I mean let's be honest --- would I take her on a FOUR store couponing mission if she were a child that misbehaves?

She is always super good for us and follows instructions extraordinarily well and she is so FUNNY...just the stuff she gets into and how she talks to the dog...

Pretty cool for a 15 month old.

While we were out shopping - those dang girlscouts got me - haha.  Can you believe it is $4 per box now.

But I will always buy at least one because it takes a positive attitude for anyone to be any kind of salesperson - much less a little girl.

After the baby left I canned the ground beef - froze 7 lbs and set aside 10 lbs for Mr. Mans friend.

I really hate parting with my purchases even when people pay me for it --- because with SOME people I feel like it's laziness on their behalf where they won't go get their own deals.  But in respect to my husband I will help his friend.

This was a super good deal using an Advil Congestion coupon for $3 off ANY.  I used it on trial sizes to make money:
4 pasta + 4 pasta sauce + 4 advil = $3
swiffer pads: $1.29 ea
wipes: 99 cents
nuk nips: $1.07
led lights: 1.25
pyrex dishes: $1.48 ea

$3.27 for all of this with money maker coupons and regular coupons:
2 charmin
2 charmin wipes
8 - 2pack safeguard
2lbs strawberries
2 pyrex dishes
17 advil congestion trial packs

And that was just the beginning of the February - LOL

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