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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Birthday Deals

Some people relax by having a drink.

Some people relax by having a treat.

I relax by getting a deal.  But it's kind of a quagmire.  Sometimes the deal is so good I get an adrenaline rush that I feel all kinds of alert!  This was not one of those times. Hee hee

$1.89.  That's what it costs for 31 kleenex and 4 mouthwash - if you flip the deal right.

I was sitting on a lot of kleenex coupons.  I've been trying to use them here and there to get 4-6 freebies at a time.  I noticed in the CVS ad they had a deal that if you bought $30 worth of paper products you received an instant $10. I am not really a CVS shopper.  But I couldn't resist because they had a deal of 99cents per box of kleenex. and with my coupons I would get $18.50 off the remaining 20 bucks.  I was also able to get my brother 8 packages of huggies newborn/size1/size/2.  His 8 packages of diapers cost $42 including tax.  I staggered the sizes and the purchases.  I was very excited to save them 60% on diapers.

It cracks me up --- she sleeps just like my brother with her fingers clasped on her chest.  It's so funny.

She's a very good natured baby and only cries when she wants something.  My brother is always accusing my sister in law of spoiling her.  Mom is also laughingly telling us to stop spoiling her.  We went to Korean Dinner for my birthday and I had her in one arm and used my free arm to eat with my chopsticks.

My brother is so happy and my sister in law is so tickled

My other niece is so happy being a big sister --- she keeps telling the little one to hurry up and grow up so they can share a room - haha.  She might live to regret that.  I don't even know why she has this idea that they have to share a room because there are 3 empty rooms in my brothers home.  Really funny.

I tell you what that little one is looking pretty big for a 2 week old.  But Mommas Milk gives you a supercharged baby.

Anyway...back to the deals:

You all already know about the kleenex and the scope.

Ball small mouth pint lids:  60c/box
Cesar Dog Food: 26 cents ea
Taco Shells: 49c/box - exp 05/2014
16oz penne pasta: 30 cents ea
snickers 1.50/pkg
Juicy Juice: 67c/8pack

I also picked up a meat deal:

so I was able to can some lean ground turkey, sweet italian sausage and then set aside some cube steak to make some salisbury steak dinners.

Mr. Man has started a work out regimen - and now eats extra protein - so in addition to the salisbury steak he also requests the chicken nuggets that I precook and freeze.

I have never met anyone who can eat as much as he can and not gain any weight at all. Even after a big meal his stomach sticks out a bit but by the morning it drops right down to normal.

Must be nice LOL.

Last Sunday i had to go into work because I was taking Monday off for my birthday and we have been having a LOT of orders.  Today this lady bought 90 slices of cake for tomorrow and pre paid.  Dang.  Anyway the night before (saturday) our "friend" called to ask if we could keep the baby while she "went to church" - I said no problem bring her to the shop.  I told this to Mr. Man and he said you will be too busy at work to watch that baby - leave her here with me - she can play outside while I'm working on the garden...

I worked about FOUR hours.

Mr. Man was sitting on the sofa and he looked exhausted.  The baby was jumping up and down right next to him on the sofa patting his shoulder and humming to herself.  She was minus shoes and a dress and was laughing in her diaper.

I laughed and said what the heck is goin on around here?  He said she took an industrial size poop and he couldn't get her sundress back on her.  LOL

Apparently she followed him everywhere and mushed her face into his beard or hugged him like a stalker - or she was turning over water buckets outside in the backyard. LOOOOOL...

So I asked,"so was she bad?"  He laughed and said,"No she wasn't bad but she is certainly more busy and faster now."  Bwaahahahhaa.  I picked her up and made her a grilled cheese (she'd already eaten an omellette, toast and fruit with Mr. Man) and then told her to take a nap.  She fought me about 4 minutes and went straight to bed.

Imagine that.

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