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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Youngest Couponer in Arizona...

My niece Ashley!

Right before our barbecue today my I ran to get toilet paper before they stock ran down because the toilet paper coupon came out.

I'm a bit sad because We only found 170 coupon books.  It should have been 250 but someone beat us to the first location and we lost 80 books...

My niece said she wanted to go and see me in action so did my cousin Aycee - too see how it's done! They were so excited - I never had to use 3 carts before!

So we scored 170 packages of tp for $7.14

All we paid was tax!  My niece was doing a dance and my cousin is hooked.


More later about the barbecue


  1. Does your niece go to a public school that collects box tops? I have tons and I have no way to use them (my kids are homeschooled and my oldest is now in highschool!) Could I send them to you?

    1. so sorry it took me so long to reply. Sure I'll take them and give them to her school - even if her teacher is as mean as a hornet!