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Saturday, March 2, 2013


People always ask me when they see my cart full of much is that?  And I tell them,"Free Fifty Three"  so written it would look like this :  $FREE.53   hahaha.

Sometimes they get it and sometimes they don't.

Today was the release of the March Proctor and Gamble book.
I found a few books but not a lot of books...but i found enough to get this! cashiers are so nice at Fry's (Krogers).  I made an initial purchase at the Fry's by my shop for 24 rolls and then later at the shop close to my house for 70 more.  For the smaller purchase I put it through my favorite cashier Sabrina.  The 2nd purchase I did was via self checkout but another cashier I like (Paulina) was there and she tried to let me do them all at once but I told her that it would reject the coupons if it was more than 4 of them.

I also stopped at Safeway for MORE free Kleenex.


Total cost of $2.44 .  Yes, Two Dollars and 44/100 cents.  All I paid was the tax.  How you like them apples?  I hope this finally shows the naysayers that it is possible to do stuff like this - this one lady told me,"No way you can't find that many free coupon books..."  Oh yeah maybe you can't...but I can - and I woke up late today.

Mr. Man was so impressed he asked $244.00???  I laughed and said,"Really, bebe?"  He laughed and said he didn't even know why he moved the decimal point to the wrong place.  On top of what we still have in the garage we should be set for "awhile" LOL.  I rarely even used to use paper towels except for certain dishes, table napkins were usually the ones I used.  I have to be careful not to be so wasteful with them.  I really had broken myself of the paper towel habit but couponing has made me bad. LOL.

The other day I got all this for $1.88

I had moneymaker coupons on the pantene and coupons for the rest of it.  Essentially all I paid for was one GoGurt. 6 kleenex, 9 pantene shampoo, 9 pantene conditioner, 1 nuk bottle, 10 progresso meal starters, 2 gogurt. 

It was just nuts.


  1. I'm in awe of you!! You rock! ----- My couponing is no where in your league - A good thing as my hubby has a difficult time understanding my 'strange' shopping tactics........

    1. lol thanks - there is nothing strange about saving money. I'll be your secret coupon friend. HEE HEE