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Monday, February 4, 2013

Isn't Gettin' Deals a Competitive Sport?

I tell you what...people are getting real hip to coupons.  I honestly did not want to get up early this morning to get them...because I looked at the coupon preview and none of them were particularly valuable.  Mr Man gets up a LOT earlier than I do because he works 6-3 so he ran to get them at the spot next to his gym.

It's been a crazy week and I got a crazy crook in my neck just stretching in the shower - I go for a 90 minute massage about every 10 days but I've been too busy to get one lately.  But Momma in Law comes in 2 days so we are going to both go get one - I already scheduled it.

So let's peek at some deals:

I found some $1 off 2 coupons for the soup - and my Mom asked me to pick her up 5 cases (50 cents ea) and I also found the 2lb rice with coupon for 99 cents.  Not a great price but a good price.  What cracks me up is she gave me the money to buy her 5 dozen then she only took 2 dozen home - and said they would like to "park" the 3 dozen here - how funny is that!

Is it me or has rice become super expensive lately - used to be I could get "ok" rice for 15cents a lb and "good" rice for 25cents a is what it is and all i can do is put it away.  Better to have something.  I am still appalled that people walk away from deals when they are right in your face.  It's really funny.  And WHYYYYY are they lookin' at my cart like I am a crazy person.  That's just crazy!

I went by 4 stores to grab a few things:

5lbs yellow potatoes - 99 cents
lemon juice, lime juice, spray, hawaiian bread, dressing, fish oil, mustard - 99 cents
cornbread stuffing - 62 cents
3lb bacon end pieces - 1.98/lb

This is the most tedious type of shopping to me - getting only 3-4 items per store.

Even before we started putting back things I rarely bought 3-4 things - we always had things put up because I didn't like running to the store for anything weekly but a sale protein item and the produce which I normally did on Saturdays at a mom and pop Produce stand.

This is some of the tastiest shrimp I've found in awhile (since Sunflower Market stopped carrying the Mexican 16-20 shrimp).  I saw that it was the $5 friday special.  It is normally 10/lb.  I also wanted to get some to make my Momma in Law some shrimp fried rice and shrimp stirfry.  The vinegar had coupons on the neck so they ended up being 89 cents.

I figured it couldn't hurt.  We've been eating a lot of brisket and lean ground beef.  We did have some salmon croquettes the other night which were much easier to mix in the ninja blender.  Mr. Man also loves shrimp Po' Boys...

So after I got home with the shrimp - I told Mr. Man I was going to test a batch for I made 1 lb of tempura.  And made some bacon cheeseburgers as well because Mr. Man and his 2 friends had gone to help another friend set up a radio tower at his house.

I tell you what they KILLED the shrimp - I just set this one bowl aside for Mom because I knew she was coming by to pick up her soup that she had me get for her.

The shrimp got a thumbs up - by the men folk.

Even the baby liked it...I think it was her first experience eating shrimp.  Well I know it was her Mom's friends first time trying shrimp ever...which is kind of strange for a 27 yr old...but maybe my parents could just afford a more diverse range of foods and restaurants for us to try.  We actually were allowed to order whatever we wanted as long as we ate it!

My 8 yr old niece is in love with the baby and loves hanging out with her.  It's a good thing she is a good "big sister" type because my sister in law is 8 months pregnant now and it's exciting around here.  I even took my sister in law couponing.  She really has a thing for pringles and chocolate.

She was so amazed at the deals.  I told her she could do it too and she is welcome to all and any of my coupons that she wants.

Today was the last day of the shrimp deal and I didn't want to miss it.  Don't you know I got the last 4lbs in the store.  Thank Goodness.  As the weather warms up I already know we're going to want lighter meat for our salads.  I must say my nemesis is very motivated lately.  Too bad for her --- we scouted 3 more locations that could give us another 450 free coupon books.  LOOOOL.  Poor thing.  I seriously did not want to wake up this morning.  Since we moved to this house we switched to a king size low profile bed and that thing is the most comfortable bed ever.  It is WONDERFUL to have space to stretch out or read...sometimes I sort coupons and he can still read his gun magazines.  Ha.  I love it.

But despite my "laziness" this morning I still got it done!

Salsa - 70 cents
Mustard - 99 cents
Asian Seasoning - 30 cents
Coupon books - FREE

I barely got my coupons organized yesterday - and now it's time to break down books again.  Some guy at the store asked me how long does it really take.  I said to go find the coupons it takes like 1-2 hours a week - then the sorting and organizing doesn't take that long because I do it while I'm catching up on stuff that I've recorded.  Well my thing is if you are gonna be sitting there just watching tv it won't kill you to sort through coupons and check the websites for the deals.  The husband was sold on it.  The wife didn't look so enthusiastic.  I laughed - I said,"it's your house, do what you think is best-- good luck!"

Mr. Man and I were discussing how "hard headed" some people are.  It just cracks me up how people think they have 'all the time' in the world.  Really?  I wish I could live in such happy oblivion.  But I feel urgency like never before.  That's why I took this semester off - to get everything in order.  Honestly i could already flip some of this stuff I've got for more money, but that's not the purpose of it --- at least not right now. 

Only a few more days and then we will be sitting on the beach drinkin beer!

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