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Monday, April 22, 2013

what do lazy people do all day?

I wish sometimes I could be lazy...

I worked today and he worked today...

and I came home and Mr. Man was changing the oil on his motorcycle and had just worked on some things in the yard area...I made some steak fajitas for a late lunch..

 after lunch I jumped right to it.

Mr. man took a cat nap coz he got up at 4am.
 I precooked 9 lbs of fries to freeze for easier use.  We no longer buy pre frozen fries from the store because they are cooked in cottonseed oil
 While the last batch of fries was cooking then i washed the last box of oranges...
 The new juicer works great it goes clockwise then counter clockwise based on if you push the center or pull it towards you...

Then I broke down the turkey breasts that we cooked and dropped them in the freezer.

After all that was done Mr. Man woke up and weeded the garden and vacuumed and used the leaf blower on the back patio...I swept and mopped.  Then he came in and vacuumed the area rugs while I did the windows on the back of the house.  He just ran off to refill our 35 gallons of water (7 5-gallon jugs) and I started the laundry.

That's it - just another day in the life.

It's crazy.  But I'm glad we have the energy to do it...

We had some people over here this weekend and I feel like I had to really clean up after she was around...I just didn't like her presence in my house.  Mr. Man is SOOOOOO lucky I am respectful of him and I didn't thump that hoe on the back of her skull.

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