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Wednesday, April 10, 2013 just gotta celebrate...

but my brother is out of hand.  He believes in celebrating the baby's monthly birthday until she is 1 year old...and guess who gets to make the cake!  Duh. Me. haha

She is 1 month old and still got that steely glare that we all had as

My brother said it's all our fault she won't lay down coz someone is always holding her.

Oh yeah so what! HA!

There's her little ice cream cake I made her!

My sister in law was thanking me for finding a pacifier that finally "worked" hahaha

I like how she just randomly passes out - Oh it's so hard to be a baby right!

My sister in law watches these kids like they are gold...and she has a kind tone with her children which is nice to see!

I found all these for the baby for $6 today..what a steal right...

I spent another $6 on this stuff for the trade preps...cosmetic coupons are awesome.  It think nail polish is an underestimated prep - but that's just me!

And I got these for 20 cents ea.  It was $5/5 deal - that made them 1.99 then each bottle had a coupon  - so that made them .99c each THEN i got a $4 instant rebate from johnson and johnson. 

Woo Hoo

I just keep it going...everyone is moving here in my extended family and the pantry has to be strong!

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