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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

You know what's cool?

When you save enough money trimming the budget and couponing...that you can buy your husband a treat that he has been wanting but didn't want to crack into the budget for...

I think that if you work hard and put a good amount of concentration into your homes well being and safety - then once in awhile you deserve a reward - a treat so to speak.  It's funny ever since we were given the new LG 55 inch 3D (blah blah blah) tv as a gift i knew he wanted this sound bar with blue tooth sub woofer.

Mr. Man is at it very early every day then after he gets home from work he's always in the garden or outside or unloading Lord knows what I bring home.  He may not look thrilled but believe me when I tell you that he enjoys this sound bar.  Shhhh So do I.

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