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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Month of Deals...

It's been a super crazy month...

I have been making cakes like crazy and I survived Mothers Day and now I'm in the middle of grad cakes.  It will be grad cakes for the rest of the month around here.  It's also been a crazy month of deals:

 For this deal I had just run to the store for kitchen...then I realized that there was a basket of clearance icing (clearly for donation)...and a ton of the granola bars on clearance.  The icing actually made money - and paid for the parmesan cheese, chicken and poker chips - and still put $2.60 in my pocket.
 Here's the receipt for those naysayers.

LOL I love naysayers.  Naysayers are the reason I got so dang good at this...

 this was a freak deal.  The phone app AD had the barilla sauce listed at $10/10.  But when I got to the store it said $2.79 ea.  So the store manager gave me a rain check for the $1ea.  The store only had 30 - so I asked for another raincheck coz I had to pick up more at another store.
 Well at checkout - even though it was already 100% free - another catalina (register generated coupon) came out after I paid the total bill of UM... 60 CENTS! hhaha.  so in fact this purchase made me $1.40

But when you notice something like this you should always change your game up...

So at the next store I had them ring up my barilla pasta in 3 transactions...
Which gave me another $6 bucks even though I only paid 54 cents total. haha.

I used those 4 coupons + another 1.50 off your next meat purchase coupon - and picked up a spiral ham (99cents/lb sale) for a whoppin total of $1.38. HA!

These are the little things that really test your skills - to see if you know how to milk money out of that register in the most legal way possible.

 These eyeshadow were 1.55 if you bought 4 - I had a coupon for $2 off any eyeshadow - in turn this made me .45 cents per piece...

which i used to get these...
the shampoo/conditioner was on sale for 2.18 each and i had a coupon for 1.50 off each AND the overage from the above eyeshadow - so they ended up being about 17 cents.

so the next day on my lunch break i'm picking up some chicken strips and an iced tea at the grocery store and I figure well why not - I might as well pick up a few things...

 There were a few nice colors of eyeshadow so I grabbed those and used money maker coupons - and it's funny I actually ended up giving some to one of the employees...

I knew I had an overage of 3.60 so I picked up some lightbulbs... 
Ironically - another catalina popped out because I bought the lightbulbs. haha.

so on this transaction I made 1.59 - it at least covered my lunch.  Cool right.

I was on a mission to use up these eyeshadow coupons they were quickly becoming a pain in my ass - but everyone around here loves it - at least both my sister in laws do as well as the teenage girls who work at the shop...

 I really have a feel for which store treats stuff as unlimited and which stores really obey the limits.

I used the overage from the eyeshadow and coupons on everything else to pay the surplus.
With coupons...all I paid was 5.96...Had I put back the glad tupperware things I probably wouldn't have paid more than a quarter - HAHA...

 toothbrushes: free
shave prep: free
spatulas: free
handsoap: free
febreze: 99 cents
dish soap: 1.54
body soap: 1.88
winter color clearance - LOL..silly
bathtowels were around $3.50
hand towels were around $2.20
bounty table napkins: 1.99
crowbar: $2

these are random deals that are always handy - we haven't bought new towels in about 3 years - we were overdue!

I found these at a local market for 1.39

lucky for me I had $3/3 coupons which made them 39 cents

2 days later I went to the store and asked if I could preorder.  The store manager told me I could preorder anything as long as I prepaid it!


 A neighboring store had these butter on sale for 1.99.  I had a coupon for 55cents which doubled up to $1 - so I picked up 50 right!

99 cents a lb of butter - that's how it should be!  it's so delicious.

Welch's drinks: 1.49
Langers juice: 99 cents (thanks to bottle neck coupon)

 So I preordered and prepaid 19 that a crime - lol i don't think so - especially since all of these have a nafta sticker on them LOL.  silly people.
Finally I got this deal tonight- 60 bars of soap free and 10 deodorant/antiperspirant for 50 cents each...

I went after taking my girl to sweet tomatoes...

it's our weekly thing.

I'm so happy they have this in stock again - I can go wipe out a few stores now.

and finally:

 We ordered 12 cases of wide mouth pints because we can find them nowhere in the valley.  Craigslist is cleaned out and mostly on there is a bunch of moochers asking for free jars - yeah right that hasn't worked since 2011 - okay - buy your jars here in the desert like everyone else.

they were marked 12.99 but the manager gave us the old price of 9.99 a case.  Still hefty - but I figure since the cost doesn't seem to be going down - we might as well get 12 cases and that will hold us.
Last Sunday we beat our old record.

together we found 412 inserts.

412 smart source
412 red plum

I've given away all of them but 250 a piece.

Exhausting work this is.

We are running into a problem where some of our friends seem to think that just because we are able to get stuff for free we should be giving it to them for free.  UM NO.  The people who seem to feel entitled to it for free are the same people whom I used to give coupons to and they were too lazy or too stupid to figure out how coupons work.  Now I say they are stupid because here there are TWO different stores (with a jillion locations) that double all manufacturer coupons up to $1.  So all you have to do is subtract $1 from the sale price.

I find it really insulting that people seem to think that they are entitled to what we work for - do they get up at 6am on Sundays?  do they separate the papers?  do they sort them into neat piles - then staple and cut them?  do they work out the deals by comparing a database to the weekly ad?  do they work on speaking relationships with cashiers and store managers so that the transactions go through without a snag?  NO NO and NO to all of the above questions.  So why in the f&&#*** do they think they should be entitled and suggest that we give them what we've worked for.  Annoying and Disgusting.

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  1. You're so good at couponing. I need to do this now when I'm in Cali for the baby stuff. They don't do much couponing in Taiwan.