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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Disgusting! Some People Are SOOOO Disgusting...

So...the other day our friend Teddy Came by and we were just hanging out.  He told me about this guy at his work...a guy that actually worked for him.  WORKED - as in past tense...know why - coz the guy was running late and ran head on into a mercedes with his motorcycle --- no skidmarks nothin - just went for it.  Supposedly, the point of no return.  So I probe Teddy to get a history on the guy...Apparently the dude has 3 daughters (13,9,4), a wife and is also supporting his elderly mother.  He also was taking home $30,000 a month.  Prior to the motorcycle accident he was pulled over and let off with a warning (no license, no insurance) and prior to that he was pulled over speeding in his car with no insurance, no registration and lost his license on the speeding ticket that broke the camel's back.  I said, "Why would anyone ride dirty with no insurance, no registration and then also speed if they are taking home 30K a month???"  Teddy shrugged in a confused manner.  

But it gets even BETTER...Teddy tells me that the dude was claiming ZERO on his taxes and he's been making 6 figures for 2 years now.  No gets he recklessly dies in this accident and his wife comes to Teddy and asks if she can have part of his check to cover the bills because she has no money - Teddy tells her well the month hasn't closed but he can cut her a check for 8,000 to keep their house afloat.  She said Oh no no no not that much because I don't think his check will cover that because "we" don't make that much.  WOW - she didn't even know how much her husband made.  Guess WHAT - it gets better --- he had NO life insurance not one penny.  He had told Teddy months prior,"...what do I need life insurance for I'm young and will always be here for my kids"  Really?

I could not hide my DISGUST.  Teddy tried to tell me "he really loved his family..."  I laughed and said no he didn't.  He was spending all his money on God KNOWS What...they had nothing in savings, or CD's or retirement and he made over a quarter million dollars a year.  His wife had no idea how much he made.  They are behind on their house payments.  The car and motorcycle he used were not insured and on TOP of all that he had no life insurance.  I told Teddy,"He not only left his 3 daughters naked, but he is about to make them homeless as well as his wife and Mother...that ain't love."  Teddy was absorbing that nugget of bullshit when I also added this,"Then come April, the IRS is going to be looking for their 30% cut of that 300,000+ income that he made...and where exactly is his wife going to pay for that - when she doesn't work and clearly has no idea about finances???"

Sickening.  Letting your spouse live in indulgent ignorance is basically harming them.  Who does that?  Now your daughters are without a net...they are fodder for the wolves of this world.  He not only left them fatherless...but also open to become victims or at the least at the mercy of strangers.  Many people are not so far from hunger or losing their homes...this is a perfect example of it - except what makes it perverse is he made more than 4 average peoples incomes.

I got my first life insurance policy when I was in my early 20's.  I got it because I traveled a lot throughout Asia and the US.  I kind of figured if my scuba equipment failed, or if I was taken hostage, or if I got trampled at Mardi Gras at least my parents wouldn't have to worry about paying for the funeral.  Not that they couldn't afford it - because they can, but I felt it would be unfair to them to have to pay on my behalf because I was off on another adventure.  I've never had to use it and actually it already matured and I collected on it - but that's besides the point....

I wonder how many people live like that?  Ready to leave their family naked and at the mercy of strangers?


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