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Sunday, November 25, 2012

My best deal yet 80% savings! WooHoo

Last week some coupon chick robbed me of my coupons from the shop I work at and the shop next door...this week - I was the first one at the shopping center and since the papers had been thrown onto the ground in the parking lot and not in front of the doors - I grabbed both sets.

That was Black Friday and also time for the monthly Proctor and Gamble coupon book. 
The total haul was 49 coupon books.

This is what the coupons look like broken down.  I am giving half to my sister in law.  The coupons aren't as good novembers but I'm sure it will end up giving me some stuff for free that we use such as paper towels, anti perspirant, feminine hygiene products and shavers.
I did have to use the last of my coupons - so I went to 2 separate Fry's Grocery (aka Krogers to some of you)...After coupon: The Dawn was 99 cents, Safeguard soap was 29 cents, 6 pack of Pineapple juice was 1.79, blistex was free, halls cough drops were 27 cents.  All vitamins were buy one get one plus I had 5 coupons...the naturemade sublinggual b-12 ended up being 2.50 ea, the natures bounty sublinggual b-12 ended up being $2 ea and the melatonin ended up being 1.50 ea...Pretty good.

I stopped by another fry's and they were having a P&G event so all the Scope was 1.99 ea if you bought minimum of 4.  I happened to have coupons for 1.50 off - so all of those were just 49 cents ea.

I don't know about your area but in our area these are close to 5 bucks a bottle - so 49 cents is real attractive.

I have all my coupons on an excel spreadsheet that I email to my phone - and I checked and had a few I could use...
Scope: 49 cents each
Covergirl eyeliner 2 pack: 95 cents each
Advil travel packs:  22 cents ea
halls cough drops: 27 cents each
Energizer thermometer batteries: 49 c ea
Blistex: 22 cents each
Kettle chips: 1.39
Hersheys non rbst milk: 99 cents

My father in law came to visit this weekend and said,"I like to see that you kids set yourself up to save some one needs to worry about you."  Damn straight no one has to worry about us...coz we handle ourselves.  I'm looking forward to not having to buy certain things for a year...some things I won't even have to get for 2 years. 

You know what cracks me up when people say they are just 'gonna come over and get stuff over here..."  Yeah RIGHT!  At that point you better decide if you want my left foot or my right foot givin you a swift kick in the ass.  I heard a girl in the lobby at work talking about how she could barely pay her bills yet she had a new iphone5 and a new IPAD - hahahaha.  I guess priorities are out of fashion. 

Sometimes I wish I could be more sympathetic towards people except that I see they put themselves on a path to destruction and them being unprepared has nothing to do with me.  I love people who have children they can't feed...and with that same mouth they say "I love my kids."  I love people who have a family and think they don't need life insurance, or savings, or preps coz "God will provide..."  Bwa hahahahaha.  Really!  Coz if you listen real closely God is telling you to get it together...and you are just so self important you don't think you have to do anything coz in the billions of people on Earth "GOD" is going to provide for YOU...Bwa hahaha - arrogant.

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