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Monday, December 3, 2012

Today's haul...I forgot to post the weekend haul... a matter a fact - I didn't even take pics of my weekend haul.  I can't wait til the new digi cam comes in and I can just leave it on the counter.  I don't really like taking these pics with my phone...but oh well!

For the naysayers - and the "oh I can't believe that coz I can't find is my haul of 3 separate set of coupons.  Total of 43 of each type (red plum, smart source, target)...Yup I found the 43 free papers and I didn't even dumpster dive.

 First stop Safeway:  I had loaded ecoupons and special offers to my card.

The string cheese was 4.99 each and I had a precious coupon for buy one get one.  The baileys were buy one get one and I had 2 coupons for $1 off ea - so they ended up being 40 cents each.  The pineapple were 99 cents - and the pacifiers were half off for 2.49.       

I had a $5 off any huggies coupon plus a $2 off coupon. The toblerone were supposed to be 2 for $4 but there was some kind of coupon attached to my savings card - so they ended up being 75 cents each.  I got 28 bars.  The blistex ended up being free.  But they only have a 3 upgrade to $1 limit on coupons - otherwise I would have cleared the shelf.  The  crazy thing is - on these 2 separate purchases I also got an additional $3 off for being a "valued customer"  Ha haha!

This past weekend I went by Target to kill some dogfood coupons - plus they had given me a $5 off 20 purchase - so I ended up getting 19 bucks off 2 bags of dog food when I stacked the target+catalina+manufacturer coupons...and I noticed they had these wet jets for $5 bucks each...what a steal - they are normally 20 a piece --- so I bought 2.  I got a lot of stuff at Target using stacked coupons and some organizational bamboo stuff for all my little stuff...and I even had enough extra for a new grate for the fireplace.
 Walgreens - 2nd Stop:
Dye 5.99 with coupon (+ had venus shaver)
Organix hair serum - 2.99
Clippers and Tweezers - 1.59 each
Moon Candy Nail Polish 99 cents.

Supposedly this moon candy nail polish is supposed to be 8.99...they had it marked down to 4.99 with a $3 instant rebate and I had $1 off any revlon product coupons.  Crazy!!!  I dunno who would pay 9 bucks a piece for these things coz i sure wouldn't. 
Seriously who would pay 9 bucks a piece for these!

My fave haul of the day! the toblerone ended up being .49 cents each.  The shinelicious lipsticks were $2 each after coupon and BoGo 1/2 off!  The Nivea ended up being $1 each.  That's a fair price - but supposedly they are expensive and everyone around here seems to love them!   I'm a fan of Lypsyl myself. 
3rd stop:  Fry's aka Krogers.
Organic Mac n Cheese :  19 cents
Milk 1.25
Ziploc things - 1.59
Nivea Chapsticks .49 cents each
McCormick Herbs. 1.49 (I found a coupon in the parking lot on the ground for $3 off)

The beef brisket was only 1.99 a lb and already in the oven.  They always mark down their produce - so I was able to find the brocc and cauli for 75 cents and the organic broccolli slaw for 50 cents.  All in all like 75% savings or something crazy like that.  People like me at the Krogers - coz #1 I'm loyal to their store - and #2 I always pay something - I don't push freebies with my coupons - and when I do get free stuff - I buy a ton of meat and ham.
If you save on the little stuff--- it's not a big deal to splurge on the little stuff...I just love it - I love it that we eat what we want when we want because I've built my pantry
homemade corndogs!
All Beef no additives - these end up being about 38 cents a piece after the cornmeal and everything.  I remember I got these all beef dogs for only $4 for 2 lbs.  Coz I'm Awesome! haha.

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