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Saturday, December 15, 2012

WooHoo I made it through finals and a crazy cake week!

I made it through finals - and I'm a bit disappointed in myself.  This is my first semester having full time work and the new house...I have b's  so that will further drop my 3.92 GPA - if I have time this semester I may retake the 2 classes to pump my gpa closer to a 4.0...other than that it is what it is.  We are making good money with both of us bringing in "the bacon"  and I don't really want to slow down.  We are finally in a position to pay cash for some big ticket items - we have not had to go into debt at any point - even our brand washer and dryer (front load woo hoo)  are paid, ditto for the fridge and the tv.  We really would like to go solar by summer, get some security doors, get the country living grain mill and buy an XL diesel generator.  It is what it is...I have a bit of a fever and an exhaustion cough but I don't care - I'm still makin bread today and doing laundry.

I've also committed to work so I just need to set a method in order so that the shop runs itself with a reasonable routine.  I can't wait to pull down my first bonus check.  Bonus checks are really where it's at because they are in addition to what I'm already making.

Above is a video  I recently posted because I kept getting private messages asking about couponing - and the insinuation behind the questions was an insinuation that i didn't really have that many coupons and oh I couldn't possibly have that many coupons - yeah right.  First of all --- I don't really like people enough to impress them, because no ones standards on myself could be higher than my own.  It was a bit annoying that anyone would think just because THEY can't find free coupons doesn't mean that I could not possibly find them.  That would be like saying people can't play in the NFL coz I can't, or people can't dunk coz I can't even run across a basketball court, or saying people can't pull a tank with their teeth just because I can't.  That cognitive dissonance bullshit is really getting on my nerves.

The other thing is anyone who knows me knows that I'm too frugal to pay for anything that's free.  I guess some folks will pay a clipping fee for coupons on ebay or craigslist.  I haven't had to do that at this point...but going forward if I can get a 4 pack of double ply tp for 27 cents I would certainly buy some coupons.   I can understand if other people do it but that doesn't mean that i'm weaving a tale of bullshit. LOL.  I don't know what to tell them.  My grandfather used to say when you are working and out and about you tend to be more "lucky"  because good fortune will often pass you buy if you are just sitting around or laying around.  As I get older I realize this is kind of true.  I get a lot of deals and hookups and meet a lot of nice people who in turn I also try to help in some way even if it is verbally.

I also want to discuss another facet of couponing.  I know the store gets reimbursed for the value (or doubling) of coupons plus 8 cents for a handling charge.  That means the store makes quite a bit on the coupons.  HOWEVER, this does NOT give me the right to abuse the cashiers.  I always have all my coupons good to go and check the names, weights, brands and all that before I get in line.  I am not DIGGING through my envelopes when they are ready with the total.  I also do this to make sure that the prices are ringing up correctly at time of purchase --- so I am watching the prices on the register as opposed to digging.  The cashiers do not make the rules, but if they are not capable of understanding the rules - I have coupon policies bookmarked in my phone so I can make them read it.  Not all people interpret reading correctly and they sometimes need help.  I try to be as pleasant and humble as possible because I know I'm getting this stuff damn near free --- but I am getting it because they even ACCEPT coupons, so that puts humility into perspective.  I always have gift card for ice cream or coffee in my purse and often hand them to the cashier to say thank you.  I always gift my butcher something - and the mail lady something --- because often work is a thankless job!  I also learn quickly who is the most efficient and smart cashier who will get me through as painlessly as possible with my large purchases.  Finally, when you have some form of "relationship" with people you often deal with in stores --- they are more prone to go further for you.  For example,  about a month ago I noticed they marked down the PYREX 3 quart mixing bowls to 2.49...AND each of them also had a $1 off any pyrex coupon.  Well, they rang up for 4.99 and I said that is wrong but I took all 6.  So i walked the bagger over to grab the tag off the shelf and she confirmed they were 2.49.  So the cashier laughed and said,"you know what since it was wrong I will give you 2 for free and THEN still use your 6 coupons."  So I got 6 pyrex bowls for $3.96.   Another time they had these waffle weave kitchen towels marked down to 10 cents - so I took the whole box.  Well for some reason they rang up at the register for 50 cents - so I went back in the store and grabbed the box and said look these should be a dime.  Well he gave me a refund and said - why don't you go get 6 more free just for your inconvenience.  That means that I got 31 kitchen towels for 2.50.  hahaha. 

But don't get me wrong - I had a bad experience with a cashier at a grocery store and I immediately went to the website to write a complaint and the website was down.  So I went to their sister store website and wrote a complaint.  It must have been well written because the store manager wrote me in like 30 minutes...I haven't gotten back to him since I'm relaxing today...but I'm curious to see what he will do.


  1. Keep couponing!! I do it too, and it is very easy to get coupons for free - we are lucky enough to get them in the mail each week and I asked my mailman for any extras he may have each week. I leave thank you notes and small gifts (snacks, drinks or small gifts of mugs or some such items) every so often and he in turn leaves me 24-32+ of each inserts each week.
    It pays to be nice!
    I think that people are just lazy and jealous of your skills and accomplishments.

    1. I like your style!!! Honey works better than vinegar right!!! Best of Luck in the New Year!