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Monday, December 24, 2012

Well...I can almost take a break - YEAH RIGHT!

...But at least I finally finished the cookie tins that are going out tomorrow!

 The usual - 5 kinds of cookies in a tin.  I was really swamped all week so I didn't have time to do the rocky road fudge...and that even makes ME sad - coz I love rocky road - rocky road ANYTHING!
I must admit I like the look of this combination of cookies this year...
 It's just a process of doing the most time consuming one first...and the most work intensive one last. 
 The dog is so spazzy on cookie days - she just jumps like crazy when ANYONE opens the door!
 These took the most work but I think taste pretty dang good - I call them my "milano's on steroids"  It's a vanilla cookie with milk chocolate frosting inside - with a light glaze and sprinkles..

Very tasty...
 Vanilla cookies with Caramel filling...
Chocolate Cookies with Caramel Filling...topped with Pecans my Aunt sent me from Georgia!

We took the kids to pizza, wings and bowling!  They are a good batch of kids.  What's funny is that they were really surprised when I said it's on the house!  Haha.  Bowling sure is a lot more expensive than it used to be.

It was boys vs girls night.  Mr. Man won it for the boys in the first round.  I won it for the girls in the second round!  Being old is cool....hahaha.  I haven't gone bowling in like 7 years.  Mr. Man is so competitive about stuff he just has this standard within himself that he strives for --- he's not just some lumpy dude that will slack through and do the bare minimum.  I was really surprised when I won the 2nd game...I asked him this morning,"Did you let me win that second one?"  He laughed and said,"I don't ""LET"" anyone won that on your own"  Hahaha....

I made another batch of holiday cakes yesterday and they sold out yesterday. I had stuff to do today so I didn't go in --- the case is probably empty at this point.  But that is good - I'd rather have it empty of the holiday theme cakes than have leftover cakes I will have to mark down to half price. Besides, I had a lot to do today --- the cookie tins, canning the ham, entertaining some people, laundry, organizing.  It's crazy but I'm glad to have this busy and full life...I really don't understand how people can live a lukewarm existence --- I think having a certain amount of pressure on yourself improves your being!

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