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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

WooHoo J A C K P O T!!!

So tonight Mr. Man and I went to get 35 gallons of water and I said,"let me pop into this store real quick and grab some onions and nectarines (i made fresh squeezed juice for his lunch)."  He said,"I will get the water and keep an eye out for you..."  I went inside and grabbed some produce and some beer and on the way out I noticed 2 full stacks of FREE newspapers.  I couldn't see Mr. Man anywhere so i browsed the paper and wouldn't you KNOW they had smart source coupons in them.

I started sorting through them while I was waiting for Mr. Man...I could not believe my luck.  The best part of it is that this version of the smart source coupon actually had more FOOD coupons versus cosmetic coupons...Unbelievable.  I am just floored at this rainfall of coupons - because this community paper puts out like 100 in front of this store.  Which means there has to be another 40-60 papers at the store 2 blocks down.  Bwa hahahhaa.  Mind you I won't be taking all the coupons all the time - I'm generally happy with 40-50 coupons...but if I catch a good coupon like the one that allowed me to get toilet paper for 27 cents  I will grab all 160 papers.  This is very fortunate indeed.

You'd think as busy as I am I wouldn't even mess with the coupons.  But as far as I'm concerned when you are given a bit of good luck - it's best to take it instead of letting it turn into bad luck.  Others may suffer in silence --- I'd rather push through my exhaustion.

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