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Friday, December 28, 2012

I caught my Nemesis SLEEPING!

Yup...I sure did catch my coupon nemesis sleeping on this cool and sunny Friday morning.  I've been couponing since about Mid August 2012.  Even I know that when they say the 12/30/12 proctor and gamble coupon book will be out --- that means the Friday before the 30th.  So on the way to work I hit 2 spots with free papers and scored 50 books - and then on the way home I hit a spot with free papers and scored 41 more books.  So I have a total of 91 coupon books.  I'm so excited - they expire on 1.31.12 so I'm going to have to move quickly on these - they used to have a 2 month expiration but I noticed they have shortened the expirations.  Fear of Loss tactic - but I know for sure that there are 7 super valuable coupons in there that I will be using.

I'm actually heading over to fry's right now to buy 3 racks of ribs and I'm going to ask the store manager when their proctor and gamble event will be next month.

My coupon nemesis is a tall lanky blonde lady with a silver mini van and mommy jeans that sit right below her bra.  She came to the shop and said why are these papers empty?  I said Ohhh -- the lady in the porsche convertible scans those papers why?  She was like a PORSCHE - I said yeah why?  LOL  I'm so messed up to play headgames on her...but I don't like how she drives around like she's self entitled to the coupons and I noticed she tears up displays of free papers leaving them for store employees to clean up.  She would lose her mind if she figured out I had access to another 150-200 papers. Haha.

I also have a coupon co-pilot.  My friend Monica who used to work with my brother and then I met her when I was doing systems IT stuff.  I actually gave her half my stash last week and I will give her half of these if she doesn't find any.  But we hit opposite locations on each side of town and then split the take.  it's very awesome!

Okay - I'm off to talk to some store managers!


  1. lol! You beat good ole "Mom Jeans" to the punch for sure this week. Yeah I notice the shorter expiration as well. But the sick coupon trick these manufacturer are playing these days are on the coupons that used to be for 50cents that would double to a $1 now read 55cents so they wont double. THey suck for that.

  2. This post was hilarious! Not the Coupon Nemesis in mom jeans! LOL! I need to get on your coupon OG status!


    Meya aka MacherieCoco