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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


that's all - I'm just cracking up at the general nature of people.  I wish I had a little extra time to write...but I'm slammed with finals, work - work is good and profits are up compared to last year, home stuff, coupon stuff...finally we're lined up for awesome bonuses.  Finally the house is about 90% unpacked (I will do the rest after the 23rd)...

City Momma is coming from Chicago in February and my sister in Law is coming with her twins which will be super awesome.  City Momma always has a lot of EMPATHY for me because she does the same grind that I do.  Up first and asleep last. 

During break I'm going to catch up on some canning as well - I'm hoping to do 50 lbs of tomatoes, 100 lbs of ground beef, 20 lbs of ham, 40 lbs of chicken and maybe 15 lbs of bacon end pieces (I found a great place that has mostly meat at 1.88/lb).  It's also time for us to cut customized screens for the windows and start finishing the attic.

I am taking my employees for pizza and bowling because they have been working so hard and really making a super effort.  At that time I will be giving them their Christmas tins full of cookies and goodies (toblerone for the boys - nail polish for the girls)...I'm tired of sorry lames at the shop - and am very excited to be firing someone this Sunday and next Sunday.   I can only listen to excuses for so long...

I've been helping quite a few people through their hard time.  But I am now drawing the line in the sand.  I certainly don't want anyone to go hungry (however they mostly do THAT to themselves)...but I am getting a bit fed up at the ungrateful nature of people when you help them with their celebratory cake, or their children or anything in general.  I like how people think they can just be hours late from when they say they will arrive - or days late giving me materials for THEIR cake and that's just ok.  Guess what - that puts you on my shit list.  I really don't need friends - I have 5 siblings and 3 sister in laws...however - i DO have good friends.  And I would never treat my friends like shit or inconvenience them even if I've known them since grade school.  Next year will be more freebies to acquaintances --- they can pay me via my SQUARE card reader on my phone.  Simply put, their procrastination will no longer cause me any stress or inconvenience.  I don't owe anyone anything - shit, I don't even own the bank shit.

It's been a really hectic transitional year -- I'll almost be relieved when it is time for our New Years Day Anniversary party!


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