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Sunday, December 2, 2007

02 Dec 2007: Humid Ass Venues

The other night we went to The Old Brickhouse to see Dead Prez, Grime and Antedote. Julian and I ended up longer than we planned to and completely missed Grime and Antedote...however, we heard that they were on FIRE (as usual). I haven't been going out much except the occasional quickie with Wendy Lee but on Thanksgiving Wendy and Grimey insisted that we come out.

So we did.

A night ain't a night unless I get a picture with both my wifey's...Ahhhh you boys wish you could but the three of us are in LOVE. Bwaa hahahhaa.

Of course there are the three I love to love

And oh My Konradio - I miss you so! And guns up - he still popped that fool that tried to smack on a girl outside the venue...Wuttadawut.

Can we just continue stunting in 3 shades of denim?

He gwanna buy her a draaaank. I insist.

He still makes me laugh a year later. It's still big fun to go out and circulate...

And so the little Hummingbird has blossomed and we cracked up over all things big and small...Ah yes...we will go Korean food soon enough.

Pinay Point!!! Holla @ my Ani...I'mma bring her lumpia and pancit and Ube...oh my...My fabulous girl...I will always have a plate for you TOO.

This one is for April...

I think Crash is getting excited about his Crashwarming party...

The show is a show is a show...those 16 bars seem really short and the bass seems muffled in such a humid venue. Wendy could barely stand the humidity and the whack. Bwaa hahahha. It's always the bestussest to be around my Gya.I saw Gizmo for a quick moment and before I could stalk her spicy ass she disappeared into the throng. I also ran into the wonderful V and B...kisses kisses kisses. V's face lit up and smiled as she said,"it's great to see you out and not cooking for a change." Then she looked at Julian and said,"your girl makes the best brunch - you better start showin' up to bomblettes!" Bwaa hahhaha - I just adore Vee. A happy surprise was running into Ohm and catching up with him. He told Julian,"I've known this girl since she first went into culinary school and I've never seen her smile like THIS...good job and blessings man..." We're all going to meet up to trade Manila stories and plot some land acquisitions.

We ran off into the night and the rain finally stopped and went home to eat favourite and lumpia.


The next day I did my long overdue drive by on Empress Lee and the Bearded one to make them a quick and dirty feast...We did much catching up in a short time and I had to decline a treasure hunt with Wendy and Mamastrosity because a gelato date was in order with Gya. I brought Gya a plate of adobo and stir fry veggies with oyster sauce and the gelato and we sat to visit for hours and hours. Discussing the single life and dating and capoeira and the deliscious edible seductions of men when they catch our scent!

All the days rainy or not are blessed with love and friends and family.

i AM too blessed to be stressed!

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