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Saturday, December 15, 2007

15 Dec 2007: Treats and Meats


Wendy and Grimey came home from LA and brought me treats...A lovely keychain of a raspberry cake and a strawberry tart mock cake with a hidden container inside - Bwaaa hahahaha. Sooooooo KYOOOOTE!

Ohhhh we love kyoote things SOOOOO much...


So after a crazy few weeks of work...I went back to makin' dnner for the kids. The other night I made this kinna minestrone albondigas soup with rice AND macaroni...I can't believe how much eveyone loved it.

Tonight I made them garlic oregano bacon, plus swiss, plus kaiser rolls, plus fries, plus carmelized onions. You know - the usual.

I dunno what to tell you kid.

I can tell you the restaurant manager next door has been getting hooked up with some of the plates from our family dinners and prefers ours to his. Hahahhaa. I might have to cook in HIS kitchen sometime.

I can tell you I baked everything if that makes your arterie unclog a bit. Hahahaha. I can tell you I actually felt famished today and ate a burger although it did make my heart pound a little bit. I can tell you that my Julian called a little after I had put dinner out for everyone, and I told him what I made for everyone. He said,"I bet you it's, I KNOW it's good!" I just laughed and told him he would have all his favourites after he gets back on Sunday from New Mexico. He sighed a little bit.

Love and Food and Beauty and Kyoote and Food and Beauty and Friends and Love and Little Ones and Old Ones and Lost Ones and Food and Cute and Beauty...and more...

This is what we do.

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