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Friday, December 7, 2007

07 Dec 2007: Canine Love?

Canine Love...

I realize that people love their dogs. However, I find that most people who act super uber nice to dogs usually treat people like shit. You dummies.

So this customer comes in and orders a cake for the dog Fifo 15 dog years old (see 105 human years beeyotches) and asks if we can put a "PICTURE" of the dog. No says the manager we do not do that. Customer presses and says well can't you print off one of those things and put it on the cake. The manager reiterates - no sir WE do not do that however Safeway does that sort of thing. The customer suggests a caricature of the birthday pooch and has come armed with an 8x10 photo...

The manager comes to the back and I rarely tell Gianni no because I like his attitude. I say fine. I'll make the damn dog cake.

Andy Warhol styling in chocolate is the most you'll get out of me.

Especially the night of the Grime/KRS-One Show...

Oh goes

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