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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

26 Dec 2007: Leadin to the Tree...'s always gotta be an adventure right...


We had a Christmas work party with Secret Santa and all that - Everyone knows I'm a coffee junkie and my Secret Santa gave me some 2 uber kyoote coffee cups with matching baby plates...coz the kiddo knew I have coffee or tea every morning with Julian...

I volunteered to cook the roasts and potatoes but our GM beat me to the punch so I ended up just being moral support. I was also makin' a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and our GM told me don't make it all pretty. I laughed and said okay - I'll make it easy "mommy" style!


Work was steady but not overly stressful. Julian's appetite has veangeance lately and I've been cooking as quickly as he can eat them. Always Asian Dishes with rice at almost every meal - except when I made a roast beef and he killed a roast beef sandwhich the size of my face before I could finish my sentence...I've been going home and workin' on my fish.

Wendy Lee has been eyeballing these fish paintings that I had only blocked out...on Thanksgiving she was swooning over them again...and I said you know what Wendizzle - I'm givin' you those fish for Christmas even though you are a Buddhist! She said Really? I said Really!

So I worked on them a few minutes a night until they were done.

So 2 fish to the Pisces Empress that don't need Sweet and Sour Sauce!


Often...when I'm stressed and grumpy my boyfriend makes it a point to leave me a voicemail or check on me to see how my day is progressing. The temperature dropped and all I wanted to do was sleep in. I wake up almost everyday to make breakfast and we have coffee together. A few mornings I was tired and Julian said,"Sleep in need the rest, you've been working long days..." and I actually took him up on it.

I got to work one day and opened my email and it was a note from Julian titled "My Bebe..." it said : Love u soooooo much! I love every moment we spend together. I am so proud to have u as a life partner and lover! May 2008 bring us continual growth and prosperity. Love u hun!'s little things like that - that make a difference. You know what's amazing is that our feelings have not wavered . Mr. Man does not forget to say thank you or plese, or express appreciation, or surprise me with treats. He always helps with the dishes and all the domestic shit that violates enjoyment. He is just so winning with that smile and attitude...I don't ever question that what we have is Love...and Love as it should be. It's like you know these things ... but it's always good to know that someone loves you enough to express it. It is so very nice NOT to be taken for granted


Then it was time for the Crashwarming Party...The Homie Deluxe Crash had a housewarming party on Saturday the 22nd...I did like 4 or 5 Italian dishes...I was so busy I didn't even have time to take pics but my lovely wifey Gya did...and I will post them as soon I get them.

I truly love these luncheons and dinners. Mattx and Crash make it so easy to cook in their joint they already called dibs on Italian Feast so I have no choice to make Italian at every Mattx Crash event!

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