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Saturday, December 15, 2007

15 Dec 2007: I got conned...0_o

Last night I went home to my house for a few reasons. 1) To see my family and the doggies. 2) To do laundry - coz I love our new big ass front load high tech washer and dryer! Coz I can do our big ass Korean blankies in one load and the pillows too! 3) Coz I miss my personal space. 4) To check out the new stuff on our public drive to see what music and movies we have. 5) To meet my brothers lady friend M----.

I stayed up late last night until about 4am...Just futzing around with some of my spreadsheets, catching up on movies, starting laundry...I finally puttered to my room and pulled a book off the shelf and fell asleep after reading part of it.

I woke up this morning automatically around 8 and threw the blanket over my head to get another hour of sleep. I could vaguely hear everyone on the north side of the house so I made an attempt to wake up. I gave Bebe a good morning call and strolled down to the kitchen. My sister started a greek style chicken roast with potatoes and herbs so I did my laundry. I was thinking that I was gonna get out of makin' enchiladas coz lunch was already made. I was thinkin' excitedly that I would prolly be able to squeeze in a nap today

But...but my brother came home from the gym and he said Oh...what's up? Where's my enchiladas? I said well...Keyla already made lunch. He said So...


I said,"I don't think we have the sauce or even the red chili's so i can make the sauce from scratch." He said Hmmmmm. He then stood IN THE PANTRY and went through the entire thing and 20 minutes later said - here you go. He actually found 1 can of sauce in that 11 foot pantry.

I just laughed. I laughed and laughed because what he wants he gets.

So chicken enchiladas it was...and spanish rice

Here's an emptied pan

Sticky Spicy Spanish Rice...

And a Full be enjoyed tomorrow!

The only thing missing was Julian with a cold chili beer and his plate.


Keyla and I ran for movies, and jewel cases and groceries..Holla at Princess Raccoon featuring Zhang Ziyi and the dude from Shinobi...Also thank you for my copies of Anthony Bourdain in 4 cities...We observed a lot of crazy Christmas shoppers at Best Buy and dumbheads at Walmart so we left and I got asked over and over what would I like for Christmas and honestly I said nothing. But I'm sure I will get something and here I am. I think it's time for a coffee gelato on espresso - affogato. Ciao.

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