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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

30 May 2007: 365 Days Times 2

...times 2...

Yesterday someone told me in this observatory matter of fact tone,"You look very different now than when I first met you..." I was doing something and said offhandedly,"Really? How so?" They said,"I dunno brighter, happier...somethin..." I shrugged and said nothing but continued to think about it. And...

And I looked at this pic taken 2 years ago at the Blunt Club...

And compared it to a pic taken about a month ago @ Groove Candy

Dammmmmmmmmmmmmn. The clarity and happiness in your eyes cannot be disguised, or faked or put on. This kind of happiness is something I never expected...My family, my friends, my love, my career --- Everything is on an upward float and every act and bit of work is connected to all the other pieces of your life. Everything is so harmonious now. There are days that I am tired, there are days that I am even exhausted...but all the days and all the nights shimmer with hope and a foundation stronger than granite. Yet how can it be so can i be filled with such enjoyment.

All the weakness I had in the past has faded into nothing but faint memory.

Amazing. Human resilience is amazing.


...human disappointments...

Tonight Julian became really incensed while having a conversation with someone and I had to "talk him down"...I mean really calm him a bit and get him back on the planet. He was just very disappointed in someone because he really believes in this person and feels they should be on a different level. I simply told him,"Some people don't want to be better. Some people simply do not have the capability to BE better. It is just not inside of them to succeed regardless of encouragement,opportunity, background or even being handed everything...people who are afraid of success will squander any chance given with their lazy natures. Not everyone will Rise."

We have far too much to do to be concerning ourselves with those who cannot.

I suggested he just chalk it up as a small loss. Afterall he's only known this person for a short time and the person is merely someone he associates with and is not truly friends with. I like that he gets torque'd when people don't try. I told him it's an indication that you feel that there is still good in everyone. I am not so generally optimistic about the nature of others, because I believe that there is intellectual, creative and social inequality in the world to preserve balance. But it's great that he has a strong desire to impact people in the way he lives and loves. I am not so easily moved.

So we balance each other.

Like I said.


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