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Sunday, February 8, 2009

08 Feb 2009: ...On Food Blogs...

I was gonna call it a night on the blogs and I started discussing food blogs...A couple weeks ago my friend joseph hits me up on an instant message askin' what I was doing...I said about to drop a food blog real quick. he's like,"oh like everyone else..." I'm like,"I make the food in my shit aiiight, so shuttit" he's like,"oh okay"

Like when did my friend become such a jaded bitter judgemental asshole. Oh maybe after his psycho ex left him a second time. Step back from that shit pal. Yeah I put you on deck. Climb up out that bullshit and remember I have tolerance for the struggle of others but when you drop the voice of judgement you become open game. Not that I don't love your ass I'm just not feeling your bullshit right now.

Which brings me to my current topic. All kinds of people food blog for their own reasons and for their own kinds of love of food. Some people food blog to give everyone an update and be a bit of a peacock. Some people simply love to chronicle their epicurean journeys and share the bits of yummy they've had. Some people just love food - period. Not everyone can cook but everyone can eat. That is the universal nature of food - very few people don't have some kind of food they enjoy - unless you are one of those bulimic bonkers hoes.

There is another reason I food blog. A lot of people hit me up for recipes tips and how to's. A lot of people who love Filipino food who were never taught how to make it. I am not a stingy person who refuses to share recipes or tips - you just have to remind me from time to time. But I am more than willing to part with 99.9% of my recipes. I have one exception and that's my chocolate chip cookie recipe - that only goes to direct family.

I think that too many people do not break bread together. The very act of the family meal is lost. People don't even know how to sit in a house for a regular meal making conversation and getting reacquainted with day to day life and being involved in the life of others. My other point of concern is that Filipino cooking is getting lost in the Modern American Day. I may be Philippine parts but I'm American Made. It makes me sad when people tell me that they never learned how to make lumpia, pancit, adobo, afritada, sinigang, kare kare, biko, bibingka, cassava cake, menudo, morcon, embutido, putong puti, bistek, ukoy, siopao, empanada and all the goodies that are a part of life (if you care to know I can make all of those and then some). Because if we aren't making it today - how will the Filipinos of tomorrow remember the dishes of yesterday. I tell you what, a lot of my non Filipino friends can get down and make lumpia and pancit.

It's so unusual to eat Filipino food that even common food is served at parties

Alfie thinks I should write a cookbook. I'm gonna shelf that for now (but I have a running recipe book I keep in my purse with some crazy stuff up and coming). I think I will first start with a Video Blog of how to make pancit...because a lot of people try and fail...I feel a little weird posting a food "show" but when I get multiple emails that they are trying 3,4,5 times and it's not happening I feel bad.

I'mma say this--I'm ABOUT it. I love cooking even though I don't do it full time for money anymore...and if you don't believe me....

Here's my fridge...

november 2008

november 2008 backup fridge for Turkey Day

January 2009

January 2009

February 2009

February 2009

And then there's the pantry, which isn't even really stocked...
Hey that ain't TP, it's 8 rolls of paper towels - haha.

Then you gotta have 3 kinds of soy sauce, vinegar, sri ri cha plum sauce, olive oil blend, canola and sesame oil then add 2 kinds of oyster sauce plus plum sauce and hoisin in there somewhere.

I got tired of buying small shakers of herbs - so I started buying bulk coz I rip through them quickly enough. I drop them in the little mason jars and use both printed labels and hand written ones...I only jar up the frequently used ones, I have rarely used herbs, wasabi, saffron and dried ginger stored with keep fresh packs to suck up any moisture or external odors...

But Gya says the most clownin' thing in my kitchen is the huge Patron Bottle filled with Vanilla Extract...REAL extract. Truth be told it would actually end up costing more than patron if you compare price. But when I made them cookies and I busted that out - she started lauuuuuuuughin. Hahahhahha.

I just think that things of value should be stored properly in glass jars.

or you can see it in finest girls with the finest appetites for all this life has to, friends and every freakin' thing...

the opposite of what mine looks like.

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