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Sunday, August 16, 2009

16 Aug 2009: When Sauce won't go to the Party - The party comes to Sauce

Sometimes Sauce Can't Party...

For the last year I've been balancing a lot of stuff and really don't have time to fart around and the only thing I usually did regularly was hit the Blunt or Carly's gig with Wendy --- but we have a LOT poppin and are taking a month off overseas in a bit. But Still...

My girls manage to come to me and make sure I don't get antisocial and online poker is my only activity...

April in the thick of a young marriage and law school will always call and text and even send me the dopest tshirts UPS. Hahahhha. Efficiency Mothuhfuckas!

Gya Popped by last night for a quick visit - I didn't have time to hook up a bomblettes this time as we are giving up this crib on the 20th and are off to Asia for a month then will buy a home in a month. I love Gya - she keeps it easy and she is a part of my foundation that I've built here in AZ. She is a solid reminded that even despite our beauty we keep it poppin...As I write this she is En Route to Milan Italy to do some performing (with my Hello Kitty Key in her pocket. haha)

Katie despite having a hard time and 2 jobs still manages to call and have coffee.

Kae is also holding 2 jobs, raising a daughter, has a new man and takes off to Europe but always stops to call and email...

My sisters and cousins are everpresent in keeping touch and dropping Love...

My 2 Monicas (1 here and 1 overseas) never let me fall off and keep me in orbit...Overseas Monica was an Art Director for one of the top 3 ad agency's and dropped her gig to become an independent food stylist for commercials and ads - we were friends in college and lost touch then got found via Face Book thanks to my little sister (I ain't down with the Face Book)...I will be spending a lot of time with her whilst in Asia. Arizona Monica is a bad chick I met from my brother who is not only fun and energetic...she is also creative and a chronic insomniac. She is also the only chick I know who will text u 911 and when u call thinkin she has flat on the freeway says,"Biotch - emergency --- shoes are 75% off at nordstrom rack, get your ass down here." Hahahha

Then there is Wendy Lee...Sometimes Wendy will do a drive by for 10 minutes and sometimes she will stay awhile...Sometimes people show up indirectly due to Wendy and were it not for Wendy I probably would have seen Konradio and Ali for another 6 months except for the 'stop to say hi' before a Tucson show. haha

It seems like no matter what we got poppin she's makin it fun...

Even if she sends me pics late...I still Lub her. haha
Best Cupcake Model EVER...

We got this new game in the last year
"I got u a SURPRIIIIISE" Hhaha sometimes it's a little something sometimes it's a big something...Even mr. Man started joining and got Wendy a tshirt that says "I put the MAN in roMANce. Hahahhha.

Below is Wendy with some HK key fobs I had to get her...

Wendy has an element of youth and energy that cannot be phazed by stress - economy - mofo's who ''ain't right" - But don't get it twisted it's all fun and games until u make her mad - and to be honest my favourite Wendy is "HELL NO" Wendy. Haha.

About 7 Sundays ago I called her in the morning and said I'm about to make a bomblette - come help me eat this...She said I have Ernz and Mamastrocity over. I said AND - bring everyone, it's just eggs. haha. She said they asleep - I said haha tell me when they wake up...She said I'll come and be back before they wake - but Ernz din't get caught sleepin he came for bomblettes. haha.

Really strange but it occurred to me that Ernz is SERV. I mentioned to Wendy - I REMEMBER SERV...he has that painting I fell in love with when I first met Julian...

SERV with KRS-One

A few weeks ago Wendy was en route to the Airport to pick up mr. T returning from South America and said I have to stop by, "I got u a SURPRIIIIISE"..I said just bring it after you get Tariq coz I made family dinner to welcome him home...She said NOOO I'mma bring it.

It's 115 outside and I'm cookin 3 dishes

Wendy Knocks...I open the door and BAM...she hits me with this...


This picture just does it no justice. I included the vent so you could get an idea of how big it is. I was simply baffled that it was still available after over 2.5 yrs. Coz it's fantastic in any light. I was just floored. What a surprise!!! YAY me - YAY my friends.

This is why I keep bags of cookies about - to send lovin from the oven.

Jump to that weekend and we all meet for Sushi...One of the funnest sushi times ever for the price the sushi is very good at Takayamas and the service is always on hit...

Then last week she hit me with a text askin if we were gonna go see Redman/Methodman and Ghostface...I said NO - we're packin up the house gotta be outta here in 12 days. She said well...can we come by after I laughed...She said SERV has a surprise for YOU. I said OY - I owe him brownies too. Come by and call before you come - I'll start baking now and figure out something to make before u get here at midnight (beef and ham fried rice with egg is all we had in the fridge haha)

Then SERV hits me with this...

Tough right. I love it.

After the show - Wendy, Serv, Drew and Ysa ended up coming by and catching up over brownies, fried rice and beer while playin crazy rounds of Wheel of Fortune on the PS3 and bullshittin around past 4am - Mr. Man slept through the whole thing and entire conversations were happening in front of the bedroom door haha.

I just be in the house with mountains of boxes packed and ready to go and no matter what the house looks like - or what's in it or what I look like everyone always has good energy that comes into this joint...All of these people in my life are MAKERS of something - contributors to this life.

SERV and I were at the table talkin about our upbringing in family owned businesses and I said it's only natural that we became people who MAKE things regardless of the object...Wendy was killing the Wheel of Fortune in the living room and yelled out,"I don't make anythin."

I looked at her and said,"You make it HAPPEN"

SERV pointed at her and nodded.

'nuff sed.

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