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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Stuff I wanna Do...

Stuff I Wanna Do aka 'stuff that lingers in my head'

1) Have a small wedding and a big marriage
2) Have twin sons
3) Hit Europe again
4) See Africa, Australia, China, Korea, Chile
5) Finish at the top of my RN class (I scored 95.65% on the entrance exam yay)
6) Do 10 huge paintings
7) Do a DVD cookbook for my cousins (and a DVD bakebook for my goddaughter Ally)
8) Workout to where I can do 25 push ups & jump rope for 4 minute segments
9) Pay cash for a house
10) Take our Moms on a surprise vacation
11) Open a pastry shop here and overseas & I'll have a foreign flick night
12) Vacation 1 month a year for the rest of my life
13) Have a dope fish tank
14) Get scuba certified
15) Smoke a blunt in Jamaica
16) Get Lasik
17) Keep doin' shit my way
18) Learn to forgive (a little)
19) Work on that cookbook i have handwritten for reals now
20) Did I say have them twin sons?

1 comment:

  1. You've put them into the atmosphere, so they are bound to happen! =0)