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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

In Times of Mayhem - Let them Eat Cake...

First Off I had to include this picture that my brother sent me from his phone - it's a stupid app where you plug in your face on different models - hahahaha. It just cracks me up.

This is my youngest customer ever. 2 years old and her grandmother ordered her a white chocolate with Italian buttercream cake. They ordered a cake for 8 people but I just maximized the materials and made something fabulous!

What a sweet kid - Her grandmother even sent me some pictures and her name spelling so there wouldn't be any errors. It always makes you go an extra mile when you see the happy face you are making the cake for.

Mr. Man had his birthday last month and I sent a cake to his work - don't let the photo deceive you. That cake was supposed to be a shotgun shell cake but the cake would not cool. It is a chocolate and 7up cake with italian strawberry buttercream inside. 1 slice of it covers an entire plate - one of his coworkers said he could just eat an entire plate of the strawberry filling.

It is very funny because his work gets 1 big cake for everyones birthday for the month and then the next day Mr. Man brings his own cake - even management was stunned by the size of his cake.

I'm glad that everyone loved it.

Random cupcakes for the boys at Shooter's World - they are so nice to us and always let us do our thing and film and we never wait.

I always think that it is good to reciprocate generosity with kindness. I don't think it's right to take something for nothing - or to bring open mouths to nothing.

Very few things separate us from animals; 1) urge control and 2) manners

Last month was also a birthday for our friend Grayv111 - yay - Chocolate on Chocolate with Chocolate Filling and Chocolate Icing with fresh Strawberries.

I am so very thankful that we can afford butter and chocolate and icing...and we can afford to make things for people we love. I've been making cakes and pastries here and there and took a little side job too. It's nice to make it.

One thing that did make me sad is that I'm a bit rusty - and I need some practice and keep my hand a bit more steady - I just no longer write or pipe chocolate anymore. It's kind of hard to balance it with school and whatnot.

For anyone who cares - I have been uploading a series on youtube on what Mr. Man has for lunch - someone mentioned it in passing so It's easy just to film it while I prepare the lunch since I almost prepare it nightly. I think it has already inspired some folks to make their lunches. Yay. Mr. Man showed me this disgusting list 15 disgusting things you eat - including weasel anal glands, red bugs, of course L-Cysteine and feathers and other nasty crap - At least if you make it yourself you minimize the nastiness (at the very least).

Stuff that bugs me:

1) Preppers who really don't have shit and have made excuses about why they haven't put anything up in the last 1-2 years. If they put as much effort into prepping as they do into making excuses they might have food and other things.

2) Critical people who think they know stuff coz they "read about it" and criticize other peoples videos when in fact they don't do anything themselves - but be a keyboard gangsta.

3) Youtube hypocrites: Example: make a video about how harmful BPA is and then microwave your meat in a ziploc bag and buy a ton of canned food lines with plastic. Example: talk about organic, non gmo food - and then eat some KoolAid or Tang. LMFAOOOO Shuuuutttttup. I don't mind what people have - of COURSE I always want people to have the best they can afford and were I rich i would give away high quality food - but i CERTAINLY won't be the ASSHOLE that tells everyone what to do and how everything they do is wrong. I also wouldn't DARE talk about health if my ass looked like 2 beachballs fighting under a bedsheet.

4) Why are people raised in a Spanish speaking home failing Spanish Class? *rolls eyes*


Mr. Man got me an AA Canner. Hahahaha.

I'm so excited. I didn't think he actually got it - I thought he was out playing poker.
Click here to see video footage --- I look positively retarded - I am never at a loss for words but i went straight forrest gump when we unboxed that canner. HAHAHA.

I'm gonna just keep being me - I will do a shoutout video for my blogger buddies soon.



  1. I redid my whole pantry because of that article/video on BPA and then I see her buying cases of beans! I missed the microwaving the meat in the baggies. I think she's in freak out mode and buying A LOT right now. So jealous of your canner. I can't use that kind on my stove. Love you guys!

    1. I realize that BPA isn't the best - but considering long time consumption that we have all had and as crazy as prices are getting it is better to put up something than nothing. I always say do the best you can with what you've got! <3

  2. Hey Chef! I just read your article, and am letting you know I am getting back into the swing of prepping again. Had to lay off for the past 2 months because of my messed up hand, but then again, I DID have surgery. That is my only excuse. :D I put up 4 quarts of dried veggies in the last few days. Got 14 boxes of my favorite candy, SEVERAL t-bone steaks (one for $5!) really cheap, and 10 cans of chicken (A $1 a can each). I found a really good butcher that is part owner in a mom and pop grocery store, that likes to actually sit and TALK with his customers! The prices are really good too. $6 for 3 pork steaks TOTAL! The guy butchers his own meat. Talk about a rare find! It is cool that you sold your house in such a tough market too! Congrats!