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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Its a doggy dog world

 I just wanted to let everyone know I'm still around and we are just very busy with life in general.  There are a lot of changes and demands on our time and we are just attacking all of it.  For the most part there has been no snivelling :) 

I have been so busy I haven't canned anything in a month and I am going through canning withdrawals!  But as you can see on the left I am also puppysitting/puppy training on behalf of my godbrother and brother - at 15 weeks they are housebroken, sit, fetch and shake.  Not bad - but they have big dogs to mimic!
As you can see from the photo on the left I was given a new phone for my birthday from my siblings - the Samsung Galaxy Note.  I originally went in just to upgrade my phone so I could get something to use with my online flashcards that was a bit faster.  I also wanted to look at getting an Ipad which is great for apps with anatomy, physiology and biology.  This phone gives me both.  It even has a little app where I can mess with photos and send them around, LOL.

I must admit I was shocked when the phone with 3 gigs of data and unlimited everything else brought my entire bill up to 42 bucks a month from the previous 27 bucks. LOL  I'm so frugal I should have an award!

Some hatchet face girl was like OMG how can you have anything that big near your face?  I said, "you mean to tell me you never had anything big in your face?" she said "NO"  I said well that doesn't say much about your husband then does it.  Bwa ahhahahha.

We'll be back soon enough - I hope everyone is well out there and taking advantage of the summer deals!


  1. glad to se you are still kickin...lookin forward to seeing you back in chat soon

  2. It is good to hear that you are doing well girlie! Nice hearing from you.

  3. I never fail to laugh while reading your blog ;)